A Taste of Marin. Village Festival | 20-22 july 2018

5 euro +
A big "Thank you!" and a hug from our team! :)

Delivery date: July 2018
10 euro +
Set of Fiii Marinului postcards

Delivery date: August 2018
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T-shirt "I support Fiii Marinului"

Delivery date: August 2018
100 euro +
One night for one person in a Romanian traditional house in Marin (during the event or any other date, depending on the availability of the rooms)

Delivery date: August 2018
225 euro +
2 nights in Marin, in a romanian traditional house in Marin (2 pers./ couple) during the event or any other date, depending on the availability of the rooms.

Delivery date: July 2018
500 euro +
4 nights for 2 persons in a traditional house in Marin, we can offer you traditional food cooked by our old ladies and one day visiting Sălaj with Patricia.

Delivery date: August 2018
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During the centennial year, we are part of the project, “United Villages of Romania”, and from July 20th to 22nd, we are proposing an event even bigger than last year’s, consisting of practical workshops hosted by local artisans or artisans from other parts of the country, photographic exhibitions, painting, traditional costumes, open-air screenings of Romanian films, Romanian hemp, “oaie la groapa” (lamb meat filled with vegetables and rice), dance and archaic music showcases, and last but not least, the reenactment of the life story of a countryman.  We hope to bring folk artists and artisans from other villages to Marin because together we can take our traditions even further.The purpose is both cultural – we want to promote authentic Romanian culture – and socioeconomic – we hope to attract more youth to learn everything about what those in the countryside can barely wait to share with them.  Through this, we hope to revitalize and create a future for this way of life in Romania. Right now, I’m the leader of a group of approximately fifty members, together with whom I create reports and other types of videos.  

What we’ve done until now

We also organized other cultural events based on historical reenactments such as the reenactments of a traditional Romanian wedding from 1941, a marriage tale from 1962, and a corn harvest husking tradition. All these activities are part of the main project named "Fiii Marinului" (Sons of Marin)

What we need to do from here

The current state of the project is quite advanced, as we are keen to make this event a reality. We are currently working on the space, the event will be taking place in two locations - two traditional houses in the village of Marin, right now we are working on the renovation of the second house. The list of special guests and artistic moments is largely established and we already know we have a rich program. We are still looking for new artists and focusing on musical artists who play old-fashioned songs, or who play old wooden instruments but not only: whistle, long shepperd'pipe, talanga, drab, gimmick, alphorn ... to convey to the public  authentic Romanian music. We also look for plastic artists like painters and potters. We will acquire the materials needed to support the workshops around the date of the event. We are preparing the films for the marathon of the Romanian films for the three nights, but we want to add, besides the classics Romanian films we will broadcast, videos, reports, and documentaries about the Romanian village, less known, shot there, in the village's soul.

The team

Me, Patricia Marina Toma, I am the organizer of the event, supported by "Fiii Marinului" community, kinds, teenagers, parents and grand-parents, with whom I worked in the last 3 years.

What can go wrong

We hope the everything will be alright. :)