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EN: Hi everyone, my name is Valeria Brinza and I'm a vocalist.

I have studied music at a music school in Chisinau (piano) and after university I moved to Bucharest. I have always had a special love for art, and when I was little I practiced dance, but , because I had knee trauma, I quit professional dancing (14 years of dacing, till I was almost 19).

In my university years, my parents got me an acoustic guitar and I rediscovered my love for music. All fun and games, but I didn't play anything that I could call MY OWN, it was all covers, new versions of already existing songs.

In my third year of university, my mom died and it was music that pulled me back to the surface (I didn't have much support from friends, for my family was in Chisinau, and the university was in Galati). It was a very traumatic experience for me and I was basically boiling in my own depression with noone arround to help me get out of it. This is how I started writing my own songs, trying to get things off my chest, and it helped ease the pain in some way. And, as a fact, my very first song was about my mom and her passing. Till this moment, all the lyrics and songs I write are about stuff I go through and things that I notice about myself and the society overall. I've had rough patches , but I can definetly say that music helped me go through them and surpass my fears and insecurities.

This is the song I wrote about my mom:

What we’ve done until now

EN: As you can see in the videos, I do not have equipment that would allow me to record music with high quality sound. I have a guitar (Epiphone Hummingbird PRO) which has done its job till recently. At the  moment, I don't like how it sounds anymore, especially when I plug in (there's an odd metalic sound about it that I can't get rid of). 

Also, I have already purchased a VoiceLive 3 Extreme that helps a lot in my live concerts and when I have ideas for new songs (looping and voice fx). 

Moreover, I have a Shure SM80 mic, which is perfect for live concerts, but it is not very suitable for studio recording.

What we need to do from here

EN: The main cause of this project is setting up a home music studio, for which I need expensive equipment. I understand that I don't have enough money to go to a professional recording studio every time, where I would record everything from the melody, bass and drums to the post production/mastering process. So, I decided that a home studio would be more convenient. These is the equipment needed for the home studio:

  • new electro-acoustic guitar
  • studio microphone
  • USB audio interface
  • Keyword with a drum pad
  • other stuff (tripod/mic stand, isolation pannels, various cables)
  • studio headphones
  • anew laptop (for the only laptop I have at hand is my work laptop, whish is not suitable for rendering audio or video)

The team

EN: My team is very small, including only me and my boyfriend, who helps me with video editing here and there :) But mostly, I have worked on my own, for up untill now, I haven't done anything big that required more implication from other persons, just me and my guitar, or me and a backing track :)

What can go wrong

EN: The project is running already, but I could use some help with perfecting the sound quality of my music, whether it's covers or my own music. Plus, it would really give me a motivation boost to post my own music :)