The Skies Tower - a different type of novel!

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A signed copy of the Limited Edition Manga "SOLUS"

Delivery date: May 2015
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A signed copy of the Limited Edition Manga "SOLUS" + a poster with the main character.

Delivery date: May 2015
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A signed copy of the Limited Edition Manga "SOLUS" + a poster with the main character + a MUG with the main character.

Delivery date: May 2015
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"Turnul Cerurilor" a different kind of novel that rose up from the anonymous undergorund writers. A thriller that will keep the reader in suspense from the first line to the last word. 

Although I'm aware that there are plenty of other anonymous writers nowadays which struggle to prove themselves, I tend to believe that my way of approaching the literature easily detaches from the ordinary, tipical books that concentrate alot on interesting creatures such as vampires or that try to "teach" us  more about what love means. 

The style I chose to approach, maybe for the fact that I'm also in love with Japan, is a twist between the European character and the Oriental one. Although it may seem strange, "Turnul Cerurilor" is conceived in such a way that at one point you may ask yourself if this isn't indeed a possible Anime ( japanese animation) scenario. 

This project was born from nothing, from a desire to heal the self suffered betrayal. 

The whole action takes plase in the womb of Rome, Italy, with Valentino Angelo as the main character, an intelligent lawyer who has to deal with his own "demons". Valentino Angelo's secret could be easily revealed if it wasn't for his "savior", Hinrich, a powerful man, a sort of "mobster" who is the keeper of Angelo's cure. In exchange for this "cure", Angelo is forced to do all sort of jobs for Hinrich, so he can receive the pills on wich he became so addicted. 

The story can be controversial for some, as it combines reality with supernatural, the existance of divine beings with technology, shattering, maybe, the reader's belief. I chose to extract some of the lines from The Book of Enoh or even from The New Testament, without turning the novel into a religeous one. 

What would you do if you would find out about the existence of some beings which you believed existed only in religeous books or who were ment to protect you ? What would you do if your whole reality were false? 

What we’ve done until now

At the moment, I am still working, to be honest, to finish the book and I can say with pride that the hardest part has passed. 

Beside this, I have decided to add some surprizes to make the presentation more beautiful. The covers are ready, what remains is the finishing of the text. 

I want to mention that what is extra, beside the novel "Turnul Cerurilor" will be a Limited Edition MANGA wichi is "SOLUS". 



What is SOLUS? 

It is a manga ( japanese comic books) created from scratch, be me. I would like to say that this is 100% Romanian but in fact it is somewhere at 90% because I chose that the text will be in English.  

SOLUS appeared as a wish of creating manga in my own country, which is Romania, and for the fact that so many youngsters nowadays love this type of books. 

What we need to do from here

Mai sunt de făcut multe și nu prea, pot spune, întrucât proiectul începe să se "materializeze" incetul cu incetul. Poate cel mai important lucru care trebuie facut, este finalizarea textului si promovarea proiectului înainte de lansare. Este posibil, ca dacă se va obține această finanțare, să încerc să fac o lansare de carte și să abordez din nou editurile. 

Ar fi un vis împlinit să apară o mică schimbare pe rafturile librăriilor. 

Aștept răspunsuri din partea unor colaboratori pentru a afla dacă pot duce prezentarea, așa cum mi-

There would be alot to be done and not much. What I meant to say was that this project is starting to ”materialize” step by step. Maybe the most important thing that should be done right now is to finish the text and to promote the project before the release. It is a possibility that if I will hit the target I set for this project I will try to make a Book presentation and I will approach some of the publishing firms. 

This would be a dream come true and a change brought to the shelves in the libraries. 

I am waiting for the moment for some answers from the people who I want to colaborate with, to find out if I can get to the finish with the visual presentation I had in mind. 

What is going to happen to your donations? 

That's EASY, they will be invested in: 

  • printing the novel "Turnul Cerurilor" ( The Skies Tower)
  • printing the Limited Edition MANGA book "SOLUS" 
  • gathering the necessary materials for packaging the books in a personal and unique style 
  • making of: mugs, posters with the main character

So, if you find this project interesting or at least cought your attention, don't hesitate to spread the word about it so we can bring to the surface this "somewhat different" project! 

The team

Even though it may seem weird, but this has been an "One man job", that man being me, Sandra Coroian. I did absolutley everything. I designed the covers, did the writing, the text correcting, the promoting. 

I have learned to work on my own, although it is easyer to work with other people, if you consider the flow of the ideas, but recently, I learned the hard way that it is hard to find honest people nowadays, so I chose to create everything, from sctrach, on my own. 

What can go wrong

I would dare to say, with courage, that this project will see the light of day either way, even if... I don't reach the financial target of this project, it will only reach a few people. I would really love to know that more than a handful of passionate readers could enjoy this project.