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It's about getting young people out of their comfort zone and into the personal progress zone. Show them that anything is possible as long as you work hard, push your limits and believe. It may sound mooshy but it's as simple as that. 

We give them access to our training programs, video reviews of race equipment, talks about healthy diet and sports nutrition. By telling our story we want to show others how they can tackle a massive challenge and succeed.

What we’ve done until now

We are on track in terms of phisical and mental preparation needer for an Ironman competition. We finished a couple of triathlon competitions, used as race preparation, in the country and especialy a Half Ironman race in Oradea in the month of June. This was "the" mid way check point for the project.

We trained with people that wanted to join us and believe in the project. We ware lucky enough to get the support of logistic and media partners that support us: Discovery Channel Romania, Decathlon, World Class, Impact HUB Bucharest, Prosport and Romania Pozitiva.

Each month we produce a video clip with our progress, challenges, training program, race reviews or interviews with people that talk about nutrition, sport equipment or training methods.

The purpose is to inspire the people that follow us, get them out of their comfort zone and into the progress zone.

What we need to do from here

Raise the funds necessary to pay the subscription fee for Ironman Barcelona + travel and accomodation. For training and local competitions we spent from our own pocket but this is too big.

The team

Alexandru Diaconu - coach

Ioana Molnar Diaconu - "truditor"

Silviu Martin - "truditor"

Paul Calin - "truditor"

What can go wrong

Miss the subscription dead line because we don't have the money...