5 euro +
Digital version of the single, before the, in format MP3 of 320 kbit/s, either FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC or Ogg Vorbis, including graphics, musicians names and any other relevant information.

Delivery date: October 2014
10 euro +
All the above plus the CD including the single and the autograph.

Delivery date: October 2014
25 euro +
All the above, free entrance to one of the launching gigs and nominal thanks on TAISSIA's official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Transportation and accommodation are not included.

Delivery date: October 2014
50 euro +
All previously mentioned, free entrance for 2 persons to one of the launching gigs (transportation and accommodation not included) and the possibility to contribute with ideas for the videoclip. (With no obligation to implement the suggestions)

Delivery date: October 2014
100 euro +
All the above and a private music lesson with Taissia (piano, singing, theory) - duration 1h 30min. Transportation is not included.

Delivery date: October 2014
300 euro +
All the above and access in the studio/the location where recordings will take place, under the condition to keep absolute silence. Transportation and accommodation are not included.

Delivery date: October 2014
500 euro +
All the above and your visual identity included on the posters of the launching concerts, as sponsors. (I reserve the right to politely decline and return the money if I consider there is any possibility of negative impact on image.)

Delivery date: October 2014
1000 euro +
All the above plus mention as executive producer on the reward CD cover and on the album CD, if the album will follow.

Delivery date: October 2014
1500 euro +
All the above plus a private concert in a chosen place and mutually agreed date, followed by a discussion with the musicians. Transportation and accommodation expenses for the musicians are not included. (This reward is not applicable to companies and organizations).

Delivery date: October 2014
2000 euro +
All the above plus the possibility to appear in the video, if the necessary amount is gathered. (I reserve the right to politely decline and return the money if I consider there is any possibility of negative impact on image.)

Delivery date: October 2014
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I'm Taissia, I like jazz and not only jazz, I graduated some music schools, I've been singing since childhood, once upon a time I gave up on music and afterwards I came back, in front of you, offering all my best.

Those Crumbs Of Dreams is a personal composition which was very appreciated at all live gigs I had alongside my fellow musicians. The public resonated with the message and asked if the song can be found online; this is the step I'm taking in order to give them a positive answer.

Those Crumbs Of Dreams (Bucati de Vis) is my personal story and it is the story for all of us, searching for the courage to tailor our lives and make them worth living.

Dear friends, fans, coleagues, music lovers, on my birthday, which will be on 24th of august, I would like to give you at least the recording of this song, which comes from the bottom of my heart.

On my birthday I would like to give away the best of me; please help me do it by contributing financially to this project. Each and every contribution will be cherished and rewarded.

The natural prolongation of this project would be a first album, because I have many other things to offer. For now, I find it necessary to focus on this single, which will open the "pipeline" for the rest of the album.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook: and Tweeter

What we’ve done until now

With this song I intend to challenge the status quo and bring quality content to as much auditorium as possible.

For this reason, it took me a lot of time and patience to find the right person, with the right knowledge and vision to make the suitable orchestration.
Now that I found that person, I want to start the project as soon as possible, with your help.

If we gather the whole amount, we might even make a video for this song; otherwise, I'll be happy to give you the recording only.

The lyrics in English are in progress:

"Dispel your fear and sorrow

Let’s chase away the pain

Look forward for tomorrow

Your dreams you will regain


I wanna look into your eyes

Though dark clouds overshadow

The storm will pass and empty skies

Will brighten up the meadow

and enjoying


Those crumbs of dreams, without them I would fade

Those crumbs of dreams, those seedlings of elation

Those dreams will stand above each pitiful charade

Those crumbs of dreams, they bring out true salvation


Don’t cage the bird of paradise

Just let it roam the stubble

Don't die when fleeting love’s demise

Will leave your soul in rubble


Don't wanna struggle with your love

Let's have a graceful glide

My profane dove from stars above

I’ll be your profane bride"

What we need to do from here

The donations will be used for:

Payments for the recording studio and musicians
The mixing and mastering for the recordings
The price of the gratifying CDs and the graphics
Expenses for the video (if the whole amount is gathered)
Promoting expenses for the single (if the whole amount is gathered)

Regardless the differences in gratifications, I want to emphasize I appreciate every single contrubution. The gratification system is made with the hope that there are people able and willing to give more, and have the project produced faster.

The team

The composer

The musicians

The orchestrator

The house of records

The video producer

What can go wrong

Fortunately, Bucharest is full of good artists in all areas: music, visual arts, acting, etc..

As long as we have something to say, we have the resources and we are healthy, we will continue to do great things.

Many thanks,