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Delivery date: May 2019
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Textile bag

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StudentFest brand T-shirt

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Textile bag customised

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StudentFest T-shirt with the signature of an artist of your choice (present at the festival)

Delivery date: June 2019
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This year, I coordinate, among with a team of 20 young people, the StudentFest International Art and Culture Festival. This project was launched in 1992, and throughout the years there were various artists who launched at it, such as the humouristic group ”Vacanta Mare”. At each edition we try to give another "form" to art through the theme that we change from year to year, depending on certain social or even cultural factors.


Timisoara grew up with this festival and you can see its impact in the community, through the people who have been given the opportunity to express themselves in it, or through the works of art that remain in the city.


This year, the festival has 8 sections - Urban Art, Visual Arts, Dance, Fashion Design, Photo-Video, Literature, Music and Theater, 31 workshops where young people from all over the country can register as participants, and develops some artistic abilities under the guidance of specialists in the field, as well as over 50 artistic events such as shows, concerts, exhibitions, happenings, performances, etc.

What we’ve done until now

We have already begun the preparations for the project, but we still do not have enough financial resources to organize even more events for young artists, but also to invite renowned artists.

What we need to do from here

Where will we use the money from the packages you buy?

1. Records for the troops that will be formed in the festival

2. Honorary for artists

3. Accommodation  for artists


The movement of young artists must be sustained and promoted further.

We keep you informed about the evolution of the project!

The team

StudentFest 2019 are:

Loredana Luţescu - lead coordinator

Mihai Giuroiu - Urban Arts Coordinator

Catinca Galbenu - Visual Arts Coordinator

Alexandru Macarie - Dance Coordinator

Teodora Diţa - Fashion Design Coordinator

Flavius Ionel - Photo-Video Coordinator

Alexandru Higyed - Literature Coordinator

Vlad Olaru - Music Coordinator

Patricia Popa - Theater Coordinator

Andreea Argeseanu - Responsible for Promotion

Cezara Padurean - Graphic Designer

Claudiu Mirescu - Graphic Designer

Alin Băluţoiu - IT Manager

Raul Turcu - Multimedia Manager

Mihaela Ciurea - Responsible Partners

Ovidiu Şanta - Logistics Officer

What can go wrong

Taking into account the continuity and the age of the project, we try to organize it successfully every year.