Systems for energy storage

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My name is Alexandru Barsan. I'm a student at Electronics Telecommunications and Information Technology and for the past six months, I've been learning about batteries and how much energy dependent we are.

For the past two months, I collected old laptop batteries from people that intended to throw them away and started testing the cells in hope that some of them would be good.

The cells that I'm testing are named 18650 because of theirs dimensions ( 18mm in diameter and 65 mm in lenght). They are one of the best battery type, with huge energy density and a high level of safety. Even Tesla cars use this type of batteries.

What we’ve done until now



With a tester from China and a device for charging made by me, I started processing more and more cells and found out that some of them are still at 95% of their life.



What we need to do from here

I'm starting this project in hope that I will be able to get funds for some new equipment, that can do a more accurate measuring and that I will be able to test more cells at once.

With Your help, I can also buy old laptop batteries from computer shops and waste collection points. 

The research of the cells will be a starting point for me so I can prove that it's safe to use recycled cells, and maybe after that, I can find a company that's willing to become a sponsor and we can create a product based on my research.

Every battery that can be saved means fewer resources are used that otherwise would be spent on it's recycling.

What can go wrong

If the project will be not funded you will get a refund.