Savo Pavleska - A Look at Smart Designer Clothing

7 euro +
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In gratitude we will name a garment in your honour which is created by using the new sewing machines. You will find the garment item on the online shop as soon we launch it.

Delivery date: June 2016
9 euro +
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In gratitude we will name a garment in your honor which is created using the new sewing machines and you will receive a illustrated card with a mini print trousers specially designed for your body type and also recommendations for textiles and colors that suits you best.

Delivery date: July 2016
52 euro +
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We offer you a medium to long vest, suitable for warmer seasons which will be presented in the first collection of Savo Pavleska 2016 (read the blog for details on this).

Delivery date: July 2016
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We offer you a long vest, suitable for any season which will be presented in the first collection of Savo Pavleska mentioned above.

Delivery date: August 2016
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An essential sunbathing piece designed in creative patterns and materials, selected by the creator.

Delivery date: August 2016
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Special Price for the first 10 supporters with a discount of 20% off! A cardigan designed for all 4 seasons, wearable with a simple shirt to the office, or on vacation, with jeans or shorts, or simply for going to the market.

Delivery date: September 2016
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A special outfit designed for your birthday or for a very important day in your life following the present campaign.

Delivery date: July 2016
200 euro +
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Special Price for the first 4 supporters: 30% off! A handmade coat designed for the fall collection of 2016 in creative patterns and materials selected by the creator.

Delivery date: September 2016
300 euro +
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Two outfits designed for the winter holidays of 2016: the outfit for Christmas and for New Year, with the possibility of choosing between three different models.

Delivery date: November 2016
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Savo Pavleska is the little girl that grew up with the Russian stories, easily impressed by The Nutcracker, Anastasia and Ceaikovsky’s music which fascinated her, but inspired the mature woman who loves beauty and creates pieces with a romantic and eternal feminine accent.


Preparing herself to become a legal expert, the fashion designer abandons the Law and gives her free spirit a push to create complex creations. The domain of Law was not compatible with her artistic skills, her passion for vibrant colors and textures.


The objective of Savo Pavleska is to offer women an experience of the clothes they wear, to feel confident about them, but also elegant and stylish. These items are inspiration and courage for those who wear them. In other words, the intention is to create clothes where practicality and comfort meet, with the sense of wearing them for a long period of time, but still using quality fabrics.


“SHE” that wears the Savo Pavleska brand also connects through them a well defined personality. The items are conceived in such manner that they can be easily wearable but also easy to undress. The fact that the modern woman is in a constant need of time, so she needs help to look always look good is a push for Savo Pavleska in the creation process. With high hills or flats, as the fashion designer states, the outfits can be worn on various occasions: holidays, picnics or when you just chill on a terrace with a glass of wine in your hand. No matter the situation, location or the company you are with, these creations give you the joy of a holiday.

Savo Pavleska’s work – elegant, bohemian and practical in the same time, are stories that are told by the usual sewing machine and a creative artist who founds her inspiration in her feelings. Therefore, she creates Romanian outfits that emphasize the woman who wears them. To offer these experiences to even more women we need professional sewing machines.

What we’ve done until now

The brand exists for almost a year and right now all the clothes are created with a semiprofessional sewing machine.


In this whole year, we observed the market, we built the brand and we reached the moment when the tailor shop demands us to accordingly equip it.

There is an actual location for the tailor shop.


Online, there is a blog that tells the story of every creation, next to photographs that show the details.

Currently we are working on an online shop.

We really hope you will enjoy browsing our first website!

Due to the willingness of the brand`s creator Pavleska gets more and more proposals for collaborations from online/offline shops that promote Romanian fashion designers.






What we need to do from here

We must properly equip the tailor shop with professional sewing machines.


In order to bring the creations of Savo Pavleska in the dressing rooms of more women we need you. Seriously!

  • Linear sewing machine,
  • Sewing machine for buttons,
  • Electrical machine for tailoring with vertical knife,
  • Mechanical machine for buttonholes,
  • Portable steam generator, with one iron,
  • Semiprofessional ironing board, foldable.

All equipment is branded JUKI.

The team

The team starts with Irina - or Pavleska - who as a child was drawing notebooks full of fashion models and who always tries to find the right balance between artistic and technical side.


After practising the legal profession for a while she understood that her mission was different, so she chose instead to apply the law of good taste and quality in her fashion designs.

She likes to listen the people to understand better what they wish for and then, with her sewing machine to turn these wishes into coloured realities. She knows that only physical work with a daily cadence will help her persevere. She also likes beautiful women because only they know to appreciate the beauty. She likes apparently expensive clothes because she knows that they will last in time and she likes to risk for what she wants to achieve in life.

Pavleska strongly believes in the happy client and she does everything possible to bring this state into anyone who crosses the threshold of her studio.

What can go wrong

Now, the project exists with semi industrial sewing machines. It grows naturally day by day, but slowly than we would love to. In order to offer the experience of wearing a Savo Pavleska outfit to even more women, we need industrial sewing machines. This will ease our daily work and it will allow us to get easier and faster in our clients’ wardrobe.


This project is made with passion from our heart and this is the main reason why we go through, no matter how hard it is. Beside financial support, seeing that other people believe in our work and sustaining our belief of making women beautiful inside-out, it will be a big plus for us.