Support Romanian music - a performing rehearsal hall

5 euro +
Special thanks and many, many good thoughts.

Delivery date: January 2019
10 euro +
Thanks with mentioning in a musical video that we will be filming later on.  The opportunity to try the equipment and musical instruments purchased from donations.

Delivery date: January 2019
25 euro +
All of the above plus a pair of personalized drum sticks. Free delivery.

Delivery date: January 2019
50 euro +
All the above plus a ladies / men's t-shirt with a message, plus a phone pocket with a message. Free delivery.

Delivery date: January 2019
100 euro +
All of the above plus access to the rehearsal of a band chosen by you via live streaming.  Plus one room subscription with 4 repetitions of 3 hours, transmissible.

Delivery date: February 2019
300 euro +
All the above plus 4 free lessons for 1 hour at the drums. The voucher is transmissible.

Delivery date: February 2019
1000 euro +
All the above plus an acoustic recital of a troop of your birthday (the band's transport is not included).

Delivery date: February 2018
1500 euro +
All of the above plus a private concert with the Soundbox band (the band's transport is not included).  For large locations, sound will be a separate topic of discussion with the band.

Delivery date: February 2019
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Why a rehearsal room?  The Soundbox project started from a necessity of the founder needed a place to practice drums. It is a special project that involves a lot of passion and dedication.  We rented a space for a period of 5 years, the rent and utilities being covered by the contributions of all the bands.  There has been a lot of work of arranging, sacrificing and investments from our own sources as much as we could afford in audio equipment and eventually resulted in a beautiful rehearsal hall, one of the very few available to the public in Brasov.  Soon the hall became known in the community and now rehearse here many bands of pop, rock, jazz, funk, metal.  Following the opportunity created, new bands have been formed and new music has been created.  We ask for your support because we want to do more for the music community.  We want to buy musical instruments for those who would like to sing but do not have what, like most adolescents and young people. Many requests from adolescents include this requirement, the musical instruments. We want to smooth their way to music.  We want to stimulate the creative side by delivering superior sound quality.  We want to encourage the Romanians to play a musical instrument, at the moment only 1% of Romanians sing on an instrument, according to the statistics of 2018.  We want to organize jam sessions, where musicians get to know each other and sing together.  We want to provide the bands with the equipment to be able to stream live concerts in the rehearsal hall for their promovation.  In short, we want to offer musicians from January 2019 very good instruments and proffesional amplifying system, which they need to be able to focus on creation.  For this we need equipment, and you can help stimulate the creative environment in the Brasov area.

What we’ve done until now

We made the necessary interior design, we managed to make the acoustic treatment of the room, provided the furniture, arranged a small kitchen and we equipped the space with air-conditioned .  I bought two guitar amplifiers, a bass amplifier, a small mixer, speakers, voice microphones, and drumming equipment.
It is only the start, but we still need equipment. We managed to organize drums lessons and we have several future drummers in preparation. One of the students already sings with a band formed in the hall.

What we need to do from here

We will buy 2 electric guitars, a bass guitar and a keyboard, for those who do not have a personal instrument and want to sing. We also need a digital mixer to connect all the instruments and together with a powerful speaker system to provide a clean sound, a plexiglass panel to reduce drum volume, very necessary for loud rock bands, a live streaming video camera for promotional concerts, and demo recordings, a double pedal for metal drummers, a set of drum microphones.


The team

Zoltan – founder, drums teacher

Vivi – project coordinator

What can go wrong

Nothing is accidental, so ... nothing! If the funds raised will be insufficient, the project will continue in its current form in 2019, and we will find another source of funding.