6 euro +
you get the pdf album

Delivery date: May 2014
10 euro +
you get the printed version originally signed by me along with my special thanks

Delivery date: June 2014
20 euro +
you get the URBAN PROPHECY album printed and signed and you also get a custom poster with you along the main characters !

Delivery date: June 2014
30 euro +
you get the URBAN PROPHECY album printed and signed by me plus a custom poster with you along the main characters aaand a set of 5 cards with the protagonists , a5 format

Delivery date: June 2014
50 euro +
for this value you get to be in the book ! the album will have you in a scene as a character, no lines, but your face will be in the action . of course, you get your signed copy of the URBAN PROPHECY to enjoy your presence in there

Delivery date: June 2014
100 euro +
2 / 5
surprise ! you get be a character in the book and you have a line too ! you get to be in the action with the characters and say something, of course you get your copy , signed and all

Delivery date: June 2014
150 euro +
2 / 5
for this value you get a big reward : your very own page in the album ! after the story, there will be dedicated pages for fans and supporters of the project and some artwork and pages with a short story , somehow related to the URBAN get your signed 2 copies !

Delivery date: June 2014
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The Urban Prophecy is a comic book- a graphic novel. An urban comic book that tells the story about who we are and what we feel. Here.It may seem scary at first, ,slightly post apocalyptical,but along the way you'll realize it resembles a lot with our current living : an overwhelming world, hard, that won't let your soul to breathe.

Why? Because for a long time I've been thinking just like you about who we are and what surrounds us and mostly  what's the point of all this, because it affects me as much as it affect you this consumerist distructive society and the decisions others make for us. In a way, I want you to open up your mind more, be there. I want us all to do it before it may be too late to fix.  Because we often forget about the good things and we ignore them, because I don't want us to become robots and because maybe, just maybe, through this comic book, I cand say it better than in any other way. And because I want you in the end to be happy and free, not as a man or woman, but as a being.

The main character is called Splinter - he's an introspection, it could be anyone who's lived and senn enough to want a change. 2014 is said to be the year of positive tranzition. But for that you have to open up your eyes and don't let anything stop you from you journey. You can be Splinter anytime.

He walks into this unfriendly space and gets flashes from a different world, a world that seems familiar but in the same time it's nothing he's ever seen before. He questions his identity and purpose , just like me, just like you. From this to opening up your eyes and mind , it's just a small step.

Briefly, let me tell you  what's it all about. Somewhere in time on the planet, maybe it already happened maybe it will happen, things messed up climatewise. It's a classic, we all know this one. But, what I wanted to say is that, before it all went overboard, certain groups of people took some precautions and did some backup. To be more precise, they built an underground re-organised society to be safe from the cataclisms . All very well organized.Of course, things got messed up and the people from the surface got left behind, so you can get the intrigue in all this and  Splinter is into it. The issue is not with the underground New World, but with its rulers . No more spoilers, I'll let you find out everything else when the album is printed.

There's more. Don't think it's just a story about rebels and apocalypse. Step by step, something happens to Splinter, and in the end you won't believe what he discovers. All I can say is that he often finds himself outside of time and space.

This is the Urban Prophecy.

What we’ve done until now

The story is half way already drawn. I'm working on the panels for you to like what you see and read.

Besides that I did the character design and the goodies pack for all those supporters out there


What we need to do from here

the album is gonna have more surprises.I will tell you all about the characters and their journey. Ah yes, you can even be one of the characters.Yes you read it right. But it's up to you

I need to draw the second half and get it done , set the colors and the text, the right fonts and then it's off to be signed and land in your hands 

The team

Usually a graphic novel or a comic book in general has more people involved. There's someone with the script that passes it on to an artists that does pencils, someone else does inks, then coloring,  lettering and  the ready print detalis

 The story was written by Robert, the artwork the inks the coloring and the printing details will be done by Robert , the lettering will be taken care of by Robert and for other details Robert, whenever he has time, if not, Robert will do it.

What can go wrong

One of the Roberts could crash any minute and stop drawing, inking, coloring , lettering and all the rest