Pastila Roz: Help us get framed

5 euro +
We thank you for supporting this exposition. Your name will appear on the ”Pastila Roz” website, on a dedicated page to our supporters.

Delivery date: February 2014
10 euro +
We invite you to drink with us after the opening and also amongst the other supporters. Also your name will appear on the "Pastila Roz" website, on a dedicated page to our supporters.

Delivery date: February 2014
25 euro +
You will get a specially made engraving by one of the 2 artists (at your choice) in sign of thanks for your support. + All of the above.

Delivery date: April 2014
50 euro +
You will two specially made engravings by the 2 artists in sign of thanks for your support. + The first two perks

Delivery date: April 2014
75 euro +
You get one of the original sketches for the works in the exposition and are also invited to a studio visit. + The thank you engravings.

Delivery date: February 2014
100 euro +
One of the artists is going create a portrait after a picture (or live if you wish to come all the way) + The Thank You Engravings

Delivery date: April 2014
500 euro +
0 / 1
We bow down for funding our campaign and we give you one of the works from the exposition framed and all. + The thank you engravings.

Delivery date: April 2014
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We need frames for the exposition ”A pompous word”

The exposition is the first one made by the group ”Pastila Roz” (”Pink pill”) and the basic ideea is simple... we need frames.




Shortly, the frame completes the work, helps aesthetically, and you get to look at it with greater compassion  whilst also changing the way you look at it.


What do we want to do, exactly?

An exposition, our debut as a group, but more than that... to launch a rainbow of themes and colors in a room in such a manner, that you may come out with enough questions and enough confusion for your day to not be the same.

There would be plenty of pompous words which we could muster to say, but... it would be in vain, since the exposition is an embrace whilst also an unveiling of the pompousness through which art is seen.

Who are we?

We are a group that formed during collage, and our basic rule is : ”Art must not let you indifferent”. To laugh, to cry, to get angry, to say ”aha...”, to find it repulsive. Our goal is to provoke, obviously, regarding the ”right” subjects. 



Words that can describe ”Pastila Roz”:

  • parody
  • uglyness
  • grotesque 
  • Playfull
  • apparently  profound while also profound
  • conceptual
  • the ”bad” kind of weird
  • with a  ”Straight in your face attitude”



Alternative ways to help us

If you have frames, or know someone who wants to donate for the exposition contatct us at e pe

Spread the news :)


Reward - The thank you engravings

The two artists will create two specially made engravings to give our 'thank you' to our supporters.

What are engravings?

The art of forming designs by cutting, corrosion by acids, a photographic process, etc., on the surface of a metal plate, block of wood, or the like, for or as for the purpose of taking off impressions or prints of the design so formed.

Their size will be A3. They will vary according to the color of the ink and the quantity, so this way each one might be different from a chromatic point of view and other such subtleties.


We welcome you to the exposition. When?

The opening will take place on the 4th of february, inside the gallery Calpe in Timișoara, the exposition lasts for 3 weeks.