10 euro +
A personalized notebook and the opportunity to attend one of our classes, in Timisoara, where you’ll get the chance to learn whatever you wish: acting, improvising, juggling, stage fights etc. Delivery in Timișoara will be handled by our team; shipping costs for deliveries around the country are included. Shipping outside the country entails a 20 Euro fee.

Delivery date: October 2018
30 euro +
All of the above and two invitations to the premiere on September 22th (including the welcoming package). Delivery in Timișoara will be handled by our team; shipping costs for deliveries around the country are included. Shipping outside the country entails a 20 Euro fee.

Delivery date: September 2018
50 euro +
All of the above, plus a bonus T-shirt with exclusive artwork by Sopi, aka Andrei Sopon. Delivery in Timișoara will be handled by our team; shipping costs for deliveries around the country are included. Shipping outside the country entails a 20 Euro fee.

Delivery date: October 2018
100 euro +
All of the above, plus a number during one of our impro-shows specially dedicated to you; if you want an original, creative, moment, in which to surprise someone (a friend celebrating his birthday, the woman you want to propose to, or even your boss, whom you’re planning on handing your resignation), we can help.

Delivery date: October 2018
200 euro +
Wow! For this contribution, you receive, next to the complete package presented so far, the title of sponsor, that will feature on all marketing materials.

Delivery date: October 2018
500 euro +
We dare not dream of such good fortune, but for such a generous offering we are ready to prepare, next to everything we have presented above, a special intervention for your private event (party, teambuilding, anniversary, wedding, or any other special occasion).

Delivery date: October 2018
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“As We Extracted the Evil from Man” is the answer that the playwright, Matei Vișniec, provides to the questions that we refuse to ask ourselves (or each other), but are nonetheless forced upon us by everyday life, adding to the stress that is constantly undermining our vital energy. The play is adressing a “suffocating  topic, that of contemporary man, who has gradually become a mutant after having forgone his freedom and humanistic values”. Aesthetically socking, artistically challenging, the text deals with “the metaphor of the rat that comes to man’s rescue”. According to Vișniec: “as an observer of the world, as a writer, but also as a journalist, I confess that the issue of man having to live with the evil within himself, but also with the social and historical evil, has been on my mind me since the 80’s of the last century.’’

 The creators of this Timișoara-based production are concerned with the same paradoxes and the same existential problems. The hope that this play will provide the opportunity for genuine reflection on these matters, together with the audience involved in the development of the performance, unites our creative dreams with the concrete efforts and blends the belief in the power of the word with the expectations that no project can live without.’’

                                                                                                                                                Mihai Lungeanu - artistical director

What we’ve done until now

Our project was born out of the desire to create an “event-play” and also an artistic manifesto that can do justice to the “European cultural capital” title, recently presented to our city. Having earned the support of a world-renowned playwright, under the leadership of an acclaimed director who has received the Uniter award no less than four times, and having assembled a team of professionals with a wide range of talents, we hope to overcome the financial issues that are, sadly, an all too common feature of the independent performer’s existence.

The auditions are over, we’ve gone through the script several times, and rehearsals are starting on August 13, for the premiere on september 22. We are still staffing our technical department and we’re also looking for the most effective production design solutions. Besides inherent financial drawbacks, there is also the challenge of making a production on this scale “portable”, so that it can be performed in any type of theatrical space, traditional or alternative, and can easily be carried to festivals.

What we need to do from here

The actual development of the show, buying the stage settings, props and costumes. Acquiring the technical equipment (lights, mixers and speakers) building up a marketing team and developing a marketing strategy. That’s why we are here and we offer you, in exchange for your support, a gift-package which we hope you’ll find attractive. Invitations to our shows, special moments during our events and T-shirts with artwork designed exclusively for this project by Sopi, aka Andrei Sopon (https://vimeo.com/andreisopon)



The team

Portable Theatre Timisoara, which started out as a local branch in 2016, and Stagecraft Studios are the two independent cultural associations that have teamed up in order to make this project happen, motivated by their shared desire to create a theatrical product that has a real and strong impact on the community.

Some evil has been extracted from these people:

Mihai Lungeanu - artistical director

Claudiu Dogaru - actor National Theater Timișoara, poet, assist. lect. dr.

Romeo Ioan - actor, visual artist 

Ionuț Iova - Lil'Finger, National Theater

Raluca Grumăzescu - Portable Theater Timișoara, Merlin Theater

Cristian Brătoiu - Stagecraft Studios, Merlin Theater

Oana Vincu - Alpha Team (founding member Genius)

Alexandru Maniu - Portable Theater Timișoara, author of the pamphlet "Of Rats and Men" 

Alexandra Nedel - ,,Nikolas Lenau" Highschool Timișoara, Peregrinii, Nil - German Theater Youth Troupe

Jacqueline Kohl - ,,Nikolas Lenau" Highschool Timișoara, Peregrinii, Nil - German Theater Youth Troupe

Denis Halasz - Portable Theater Timișoara

Ghazy Ladjemy - Portable Theater Timișoara

Maria Lelea - Faculty of Music and Drama, 2nd year, UVT

Lucian Matei - Faculty of Music and Drama, 2nd year, UVT

Mircea Ionuț Pandele - ,,Carmen Sylva" Highschool, In The Tree troupe - Pentagon Cultural Association

Denisa Chiriță - William Shakespeare Highschool Timișoara, WI.SH troupe

Andrei Iurcu - ,,Ion Vidu" National Art College Timișoara

Vlad Ilie - Impro Portabil Troupe, Thespis Theater Timișoara


The technical team is still “under construction”.

What can go wrong

If the project gets bogged down, nothing happens. The world won’t be a better or a worse place for it. As artists, we cannot be hypocrites. We cannot say that our work provides an answer to the existential or metaphysical dilemmas of man and of our present day society. But we strongly believe in the necessity of formulating these questions not philosophically and retroactively, when it may be too late, but when it’s actually happening, meaning NOW.