Metropolis Comics

5 euro +
You get the comic book issue #1, and a 48x34 poster.

Delivery date: August 2015
10 euro +
15 / 20
You get the comic book issue #1 and 2 posters 48x34 cm, signed.

Delivery date: August 2015
20 euro +
3 / 10
You get the magazine, 2 signed limited series poster, signed. 48x34cm.

Delivery date: August 2015
30 euro +
2 / 10
You get the magazine with dedication + 2 posters 48x34 signed by artist. Your name will be translated by Pr. Archibald Delacroix and the result will be printed on your Steampunk Birth Certificate, as a citizen of Metropolis! (format a4) - your name on the cover.

Delivery date: August 2015
100 euro +
0 / 5
Comics Cameo reward (character based on you in the first issue of the comics - or a character made up by you gets an episodic but major role in the story. Also you get the magazine, 2 posters 48x34 cm , signed by artist. Mention on the cover. T-shirt Metrpopolis!

Delivery date: August 2015
150 euro +
1 / 1
Comics Cameo reward (character based on you in the first issue of the comics - or a character made up by you gets an episodic but major role in the story. Also you get the magazine, 2 (48x34) cm posters, signed by artist. Plus... mention of your name on the cover, t-shirt Metropolis and 3 original artworks, from Issue 1, signed, framed, Authenticity Certificate attached.

Delivery date: August 2015
1000 euro +
0 / 2
30% from sales for the first issue!

Delivery date: September 2015
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What is Metropolis Comics

Metropolis Comics is a preview for a future comic book series, completely new on the Romanian market, both in style and subject matter. This campaign will hopefuly help popularize the Metropolis project and introduce its readers to a genre rarely seen in local comics : steampunk.

Here are a few questions about the Metropolis project this book will answer to:

When and Where

Planet Ninu, continent Ndwana. Year 1820 since Cassandra Incident.

Located between Tu and Te meridians, Quantum Obscura is the largest entity-state on the continent. Beyond its northern border the Armentier Plains – a huge, uncharted area  - often sends out the Anomaly storms. To the north-west are the Htu lands, a savage group of people. To the south of the Dogon archipelago is the Apsu peninsula, the land of water whisperers, Eyree. Beyond the Inkunga mountains the spirit-beasts kthak rule over most of the graviphoton mines and the entire frozen world.

Massive Haven – the capital city of Quantum Obscura – is an atypical setlement. Altough this city is perhaps as large as the real city of Paris, in France, it has a gearbox, rudders, elevator and engines. Yes, it has engines and those engines help it fly.

Main Cast

Every good steampunk story needs its Actors: mad profesors, engineers, manic serial killers, travelers, detectives, secret agents and cthulhu monsters. You know, something, fishy.

Cairo McIntosh, former Piston unit pilot. Currently a black market dealer in graviphoton.

Tulk Zedock -  huge fellow. Likes to hang out with Cairo as much as blowing stuff up.

Venerable Edmund Adler Poe religios/political leader of QA, Grand Master of the Order of the Salamander.

Duncan Heenehan  - Poe’s unspoken rival, Cancelar Superintendent, Navaan Academy.

John Wesley Hopwood Esq.- Captain Intendent HMS Youcatan

Olivia – True Water Wshisperer

Aenaa – Eyree’s current regent

K - assasin

Landers Twistleton – the curator of the Catacombs

Trainload Ape – dull fellow, boring and for some reason carrying around a Krupp shovel at all times.

Harkins Pyek  - Poe’s  henchman.


The Unionists – citizens of QA

Htu  (read: ha'zu)

Eyree people – peaceful nation, regarded by all the other factions as unclean and way too powerfull to get into an argument with.

Kthak – imagine the worst guerilla warriors. Times one hundred. Plus, when fighting, they turn into smoke. Yeah, try to kill smoke.

Armentiers – the country of the Old Ones.



Worker’s District

Everybody but the upper class lives here. Currently policed heavily, due to the recent attempt on Poe’s life.

District 401

Oficialy, District 401 does not exist.

Navaan Docks

Off limits for all civilians.

Eifell Warehouses

Remodeled after an Anomaly storm, provides storage and logistics for all things Metropolis needs from food to coal and graviphoton.

R.R. Delacroix Asylum

Hidden in the Old Ship Yard, the asylum – a Leviathan class destroyer – is considered closed. In reality, stuff still happens in there. Awfull stuff by the sound of it, especially at night.


Premonitorium is the ad-hoc fortress Poe chose to hide in. Permanently guarded by Condotieri  troops.

Premonitorium served as a Lighthouse in the times of Melchizedek, the second Patriarch of Quantum Obscura. Now closed.


Steam propulsion.

Industrial revolution weapons with a twist – pneumatic arsenal plus something called photongun.

Difference engines, pneumatic mail.

Victorian clothing with a survival twist.

Red bricks, dark skies, cobblestone, rain, gas lamps, dreadful air.

Gravifoton – a technology based on the material with the same name, a material with rather strange properties – depending on where and how it is placed, it can change it’s mass and capacity to store – or emit light.



The most notable among many others Shaggath (Realm of Dreams).

A few words

This book is a collection of hand drawn scketches and information in an atypical comics form, with focus on the background and story of the future Metropolis Comics.We certainly hope this campaign will help us bring more steampunk material to the masses!

What we'll spend the money on

Most of it (about two thirds) will go to the printing press. This means the magazine and a couple of gorgeous posters (48x34cm) needed for marketing and rewards. We'll need an ISSN number and that means setting up a company. We also need a website.


Thank you

What we’ve done until now

Ready for print; Issue 1-10 stories are outlined, we just need a little more help finding supporters and 

What we need to do from here

It all depends on the success of this campaign. If succesfuly funded, we will use this book to spread the word and hopefuly find more help - inkers, colorists, anything. 

The team

For now,  just me. Hence the need for this campaign.

Laurentiu Neagu - concept, story, pencil, ink, color, lettering.

What can go wrong

No funding, no steampunk comics project.