Iubitafizica (ed. Love physics)

5 euro +
For those who just like the sound of what we do, we would love your support and will send you each a personal thank you.

Delivery date: March 2014
10 euro +
13 / 150
A seat at the premiere.

Delivery date: March 2014
20 euro +
10 / 10
A seat at the premiere and the book "Iubitafizica" signed by the author, Iulian Tanase, who will be attending the show and the after-party.

Delivery date: March 2014
25 euro +
3 / 50
A seat at the premiere and your presence at the after-party.

Delivery date: March 2014
30 euro +
3 / 50
A seat at the premiere and a printed canvas with you and the puppets brought to life.

Delivery date: March 2014
40 euro +
8 / 25
Invitation for two at the premiere and the after-party.

Delivery date: March 2014
100 euro +
3 / 3
A seat at the premiere, the after-party, where we can get to know eachother and have a great time, a small PART in our show and the reherseals needed to be on stage.

Delivery date: March 2014
200 euro +
0 / 4
A seat at the premiere, the after-party and a miniature puppet from the show.

Delivery date: March 2014
800 euro +
A seat at the premiere and a private show with puppets at your workplace for you, your colleagues and, why not, your bosses. :)

Delivery date: May 2014
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About the performance

Iubitafizica (ed. love physics) represents the flutter of our creativity. We have worked on the script for several months, and the puppets are wonderful (just as we once saw them in our minds). We will render the story of a lab where researchers do a handful of experiments with Iubitafizică. Basically, they carry out some sort of unpracticed science. Countless characters – life-sized puppets, will come to life in front of you, startling you with their appearance and movement.

Iubitafizica is based on the book that goes by the same name, written by Iulian Tănase, a Radio Guerilla host. We are trying to bring the characters depicted by the author up on stage, adding the fruits of our own imagination, for the sake of telling a love story. Their love story, ours, everyone’s. Thus, the puppets will blend with the actors’ bodies, shaping up an antithesis between what we are and what we wish we would be.

We will create optical illusions between the puppeteer and his puppet, in a visual game that will highlight both one’s good and bad parts. It’s a simple game called Love.

Up until now, we have wrapped-up the script and started shaping the characters. We are working in one of our friends’ studio, through his kindness and willingness.

Lightwave Theatre Company stands for five raving enthusiasts, who wish to confront your fantasy with a tidy sum of both beautiful and gloomy images.

The puppet creating process differs depending on the desired outcome. At the performance, you’ll be able to get acquainted with half-puppets – merged with their puppeteers’ bodies in order to create two characters, and other completely articulated ones, handled by all of us simultaneously. We put high emphasis on imagery, while letting the text flow, at times recited by Iulian Tănase, the author himself.

You will be able to take pictures of the characters or even become part of the story, through a simple, yet memorable role. We would also be more than happy to delight you and your peers with a similar performance. You’ll find more details on gratification in the “Rewards” chapter.

About us

In the spring of 2013, our colleague Cristina Andreea Ion’s performance, “Fou Roux”, was selected to represent Romania at the World Puppet Carnival in Indonesia. The Lightwave Theatre Company was then brought into being, through our desire to work together. We now stand the chance to fulfill our ever-present aspirations.


Cristina Andreea Ion, Petru Stratulat, Adina Hotinceanu, Alina Popa, George Sfîrâială.

Our goals

Small and determined steps are what matter the most. We have committed ourselves to reach a first milestone of 1,000 euros – which will be utterly dedicated to creating the puppets we have cooked up in our minds, in many-sided shapes and forms. The other 2,000 euros would go towards costumes, décor, special effects, rehearsal venue and promoting expenses. Needless to say, all funds raised will go directly into production costs. It is now time for you to find out…

How you can help

Each and every contribution, however small, will be appreciated and deemed essential for our dream to come to life on stage. We can only hope to be lucky enough to travel the world and tell our story. We have so much to share and explore, and it is our goal to continue creating. We wish nothing more and nothing less than to go on developing our creative voracity, while always challenging ourselves to perform beyond the definitions of today’s known puppet handling.

A thought from the director

Thank you for your support, regardless of the amount. It would be my utmost pleasure to get to know you at the Opening Night.

The premiere will take place in April, 2014, in Bucharest. The venue is yet to be determined.