Iordache's New Jazz Album Suita Titan (click CC for English)

7 euro +
An exclusive advance download of the album, as MP3 320, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC or Ogg Vorbis, including the album artwork, names of the musicians and any other relevant information.

Delivery date: December 2018
12 euro +
All of the above, plus one copy of the Suita Titan CD, in a cardboard cover with a 12-page booklet.

Delivery date: December 2018
15 euro +
All of the above, but the CD cover will be signed by me and I will thank you on my official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Delivery date: December 2018
25 euro +
3 / 50
For collectors: All of the above, plus one copy of my CD Iordache Meets Alex Harding - Two Hours in June (recorded with an octet featuring great baritone saxophonist Alex Harding)) and one copy of my CD Organic Natural (recorded by myself, playing only dandelions and leaves)

Delivery date: December 2018
50 euro +
All of the above, plus an 1-hour walk with me through Titan, complete with visits to the places that inspired the album. This reward is limited to 5 donors, and is only available between December 15 and December 20 (for the walks.) In case of any lack of compatibility or any unpredictable event which would prevent the walk, the money wil be returned. (Transportation to Titan not included.)

Delivery date: December 2018
100 euro +
All of the above, except for the walk, plus personal thanks on the CD cover. This reward is limited to 5 donors, and is only available before December 9, 2018.

Delivery date: December 2018
300 euro +
(For musicians) All of the above, except for the walk and the personal thanks, plus a 30-second solo (minimum) or more on one of your songs. Before donating, please send the song via a message here (link) (I might not resonate with every type of song)

Delivery date: December 2018
500 euro +
All of the above, except for the walk and personal thanks, plus the logo of your company/organization/NGO on the back cover of the CD, the same size as Fiver House Record’s logo. Iordache and Fiver House Records reserve the right to politely refuse such sponsorship if they feel the association with such entity might hurt their reputation. In this case, you will be refunded. This offer is limited to 2 donors, and is only available until December 9.

Delivery date: December 2018
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My name is Iordache and I am a jazz and  funk saxophone player.

I started my own band Iordache ten years ago, as I was writing my first tunes. Since then, I have released six albums: Friday – featuring Tom Smith (2003), Dissipatin’ (2005), One Life Left (2012), Garden Beast (2013), Iordache Meets Alex Harding - Two Hours In June (2016) and Organic Natural (2018).

Garden Beast appeared thanks to the generous support I received here, on We Are Here.

My albums had excellent reviews in Romania and abroad:

"Une musique alerte, joviale, pleine d’humour, soutenue par une section de cuivres parfaitement en place. Un jazz grand public de qualité qui ravira aussi les puristes aux idées plus larges." - Jazz Hot, France, about Garden Beast.

"As diverse as life in a garden - even an urban one - the music on Garden Beast is interspersed with well-balanced rhythms - Iordache swings! - and well-burnished sounds." - Jazz De-a Dreptu', Romania

"Despite the soft sensation of playfulness coming out of Garden Beast, the music is not an invitation to a walk outside the house to see the trees, the flowers and the bees, neither to seek comfortable accommodation for reading a book in quiet. There is a strong feeling of witnessing an independent movie about a living garden and its occupants, where something new happens each day." - Concert Monkey, Belgium

“(One Life Left) manages to go beyond the area of classic jazz and proves to be one of the genre's most impressive album releases in 2012.” – Zoltan Varga

“Drawing upon elements of cool jazz, nu jazz, exotica and lounge funk, Iordache’s tone colors can sound like Herbie’s “Speak Like a Child”, Jagga Jazzist, Snarky Puppy, Henry Mancini, Gil Evans or Dolphy's "Hot Cool and Latin". “One Life Left” is new cool jazz for the 21st, with lots of odd quirky eccentricities to boot.” – Jazz Music Archives

„Very cool tune. Burns and swings, catchy and uplifting. Bonus points for Pac-Man inspiration. Recommended.” – All About Jazz about Triangle, a tune from One Life Left.

Today, I’m asking for your support to record and produce a new album, called Suita Titan (Titan Suite)

Suita Titan represents a sentimental archaeology of my childhood in Bucharest's largest district, Titan, in the 70's and 80's, as a member of the population boom which followed Ceausescu's 1966 decree which outlawed abortion. It was also a time when Romania switched from the somewhat relaxed socialism of the late 60's to the Stalinism which ultomately led to the regime's demise, in1989.

Our neighborhood, Titan, was built in the 60's by modernist architects inspired by Le Corbusier. It featured large open spaces and a huge park, which was yet halfway wild at the time. It was the place where I discovered the world, between the Communist and the patriotic marches we were made to sing at school and, on the other hand, the faint echoes of the hippy movement which had filtered to Romania, the cassette tapes we kept copying from each other and the smuggled LPs we traded. The minds of my generation began to open to the world in a society that was increasingly closing itself to all exterior influences.

The music on this album evokes those times, as I have lived them. It is about childhood's games, the shouts of ambulant recyclers who offered to take away the empty bottles or scrap iron, shouting in front of the apartment buildings, president Nixon's visit, it'as also about my friends, our park and the cop shows we watched on TV.

The album was recorded live, in 2017, during a concert organized by pianist Lucian Ban at Bucharest's cultural center ARCUB.

The band included Vlad Simon, a very gifted young player, on trumpet and vocals, the excellent Spanish saxophonist Daniel Torres, my long time collaborators, guitarist Dan Mitrofan and drummer Tavi Scurtu (whom I've had the pleasure to feature on Garden Beast and One Life Left, too), and Adi Stoenescu, one of Romania's best organ players.

Due to technical reasons, Vlad's voice on the last tune was not properly recorded, so I preferred re-recording (overdubbing) the vocal part myself in the studio, which was a first-time thing for me.

The film you are about to see, which started as a simple crowdfunding video encouraging people to pre-order my album to support it, eventually got out of control and became some sort of semi-documentary movie. The video editing was done by my daughter, Medicine Madison, who is also doing the album's artwork.There are English subtitles: just press CC on the video.

The CD will come in a cardboard cover - I'm trying to avoid plastic, the best I can - with a 12-page booklet featuring old photos mostly made by my father and myself in the 70's and electronically manipulated by Medicine Madison.
The album will be released on my own label, Fiver House Records, and it will only be digitally distributed through Bandcamp. It will not be available on any streaming platform.

I hope you will like the idea of this album. Anyone who wishes to support it will be rewarded, of course. The differences between these rewards – which range from a simple digital album to an actual walk with me in Titan – only exist because I hope there will be some people who will wish to donate more, and so I will be able to finish the album quicker. But I appreciate any donation equally, most of all because I have been also supporting a few projects, and I couldn’t always pay as much as I would have wanted to.


Thanks a lot and I hope you will enjoy the album!


All the best,



What we’ve done until now

The album is already recorded and the cover is in progress.

What we need to do from here

Your donations will cover:


- the cost of producing a limited series of 500 CD's, in cardboard covers with 12-page booklets.


- the cost for mixing and mastering the album.

- the musicians' pay.

- the cost of the album's original artwork and the crowdfunding video.

- the costs of promoting the album, hopefully also through a small national tour.

- postal taxes for sending the CD's to everybody who will pre-order them.





The team

Iordache - alto and baritone saxophones, percussion, melodica, voice, composer.

Daniel Torres  - tenor saxophone.

Vlad Simon - trumpet

Dan Mitrofan - guitar

Adi Stoenescu - organ

Tavi Scurtu - drums


Uțu Pascu - mixing and mastering

Medicine Madison - original artwork, video editing and conception.

What can go wrong

I don't think anything can go wrong. The only risk is lack of funds.