InnerSound - International New Arts Festival

5 euro +
Your name gets mentioned on the festival website and on our facebook page.

Delivery date: September 2013
10 euro +
Your name gets mentioned on the festival website and on our facebook page, with credits at the end of the post-festival video documentary. October 31st 2013 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: October 2013
25 euro +
The above and a personalised admirer’s card ’Friend of Innersound’, providing free access to all the events in the festival. October 31st 2013 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: October 2013
50 euro +
The above, a poster signed by the artists invited to attend the festival and a DVD with the detailed festival documentary, comprising excerpts from all the events in the festival. October 31st 2013 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: October 2013
75 euro +
The above and a DVD with the Romanian event in the festival you enjoyed most. October 31st 2013 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: October 2013
200 euro +
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The above and a photograph of your choice from the ‘Contemporary Mysteries’ Photo Exhibition, of exceptional printing quality, autographed from the artist. October 31st 2013 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: October 2013
300 euro +
Those specified for the 75 Euro + contribution and an innovative music class of introduction to classical music with the festival team, in 3 modules, as follows: Art music until the beginning of the 20th century: Sabina Ulubeanu, composer, Artistic Director. Modern and Contemporary Music, XXth Century and Current music: Diana Rotaru, composer, Artistic Director. Introduction to electronic and computer-aided music: Catalin Cretu, composer, president of the Opus Association. November 31st 2013 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: November 2013
1000 euro +
TThe above and an InnerSound musical composition, written especially for you! Your name will appear in print, in a special paragraph in the programme of the 2014 festival edition, next to the composition dedicated to you, as well as in all events where your composition will be played in front of an audience or printed by a musical publisher. August 31st 2014 (estimated delivery date)

Delivery date: August 2014
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The International New Arts Festival ‘InnerSound’ was founded in 2012 by a group of young and enthusiastic artists who created a unique format on the Romanian cultural scene. 

After a first edition dedicated to the ‘window opened to the inner self’ which benefited from the talent of artists such as violinist Alexandru Tomescu, cellist Laura Buruiana, composer Henry Vega, the electronic music group Dublin Sound Lab, and vocal artist Anat Spiegel, InnerSound returns in 2013 with a new perspective on the contemporary and classical music, pre-eminently blended with the visual arts.

For the second edition, taking place between August 26th and August 31st 2013, the theme choice of the festival is Mysterium.
How do we fulfil our need for mistery? Is the contemporary world still able to reveal a hidden and subtle side of itself, one of phenomena and feelings? How can sound and image combined express the most intimate of experiences elicited by the commonplace or uniquely powerful facts of life? For six days, the InnerSound audience is invited to discover the mystery behind each event, its hidden message, listening, seeing, sensing and interacting with the magic that the artists invited to the festival have to offer.

The festival road map proposes a journey to the junction of arts: from chamber concerts to syncretic multimedia performances, from pantomime concerts or art-pop, to electronic Dark Room Auditions, a genuine crossover zone between the outer world and the world of sound, from photography exhibits to short silent films accompanied by live contemporary music.

The programme includes instrumental pieces as well as already well-known electronic compositions, in a warm and non-conventional manner, together with over 100 first releases and musical premieres: new musical creations, cinema productions, multimedia and photography brought to life by artists from Romania, Austria, Poland and Holland.

Pianist Adriana Paler-Nicolescu, actor Mihai Bisericanu, composers Marko Ciciliani and Krzysztof Wolek, flute player Matei Ioachimescu, cellist Ana Topalovic, violinist Barbara Lueneburg and art-pop group Controllar are but a few of the invitees of the InnerSound Festival who, at the end of this summer, will diffuse energy, dynamism and will challenge you to the subtle joy of introspection.

We need passionate listeners, inquisitive friends and your involvement in order to continue the International New Arts Festival InnerSound at this exceptional quality level.


We need your support to be able to reveal to you the vivid colours of the contemporary artistic phenomenon.We will use the money gathered as a result of the campaign called We Are Here for the audio and video printing of the 2013 InnerSound events.

Whatever will exceed the foreseen 1100 Euro fundraising limit, will be used in the production of the second edition of the festival documentary and its printing on DVD, as well as in organising the 2014 edition.

We thank you!

Diana Rotaru, Sabina Ulubeanu si Catalin Cretu,

InnerSound New Arts Festival Team

The Sound of this generation is both powerful and refined. Let us make it be heard!