Height Sense - Sound research for dance performance

5 euro +
Special thanks and an invitation at the premiere in Romania

Delivery date: October 2014
20 euro +
Special thanks, an invitation to the premiere in Romania and a stickers collection

Delivery date: October 2014
50 euro +
Special thanks, a double invitation to the premiere in Romania, a collection of stickers and a DVD with 2o minute guided movement exercises. (You can chose between exercises for individual bodywork, exercises to train attention, body awareness, dance improvisation-skills, attention in team.)

Delivery date: October 2014
200 euro +
Corporate gift: Special thanks, a double invitation to the premiere in Romania and workshop for your company to train dancing skills and body awareness.

Delivery date: October 2014
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Height Sense is a long-term project created in the collaboration of Tímea Kovács and Alexandra Gîrbea, dancers and choreographers. "Height", composed of the words hearing and sight, reffers to a meta-sense, to a human capacity of perceiving the invisible, of transcending the visible through the physical senses and thus accessing an emotional sensitivity. 


The project's purpose is to explore the unknown via dance improvisation, of creating an honest movement language, images and signs language perceivable by the whole public. During this process we create episodes, short performances, in which we place and we share our explorations and discoveries in a living context. 


Our collaboration started in August 2013, in a RAP residency in Cluj Napoca, organized by Fabrica de Pensule and the National Centre for Dance Bucharest. From the beginning of this collaboration we've created two performances, in August and in February.  The third episode will be created in Luxembourg, in a residency at Trois C-L Bannanefabrik, obtained through the european program E-motional: rethinking dance.

What we’ve done until now

The first Height Sense episode was created around the invisible relation between two performers sharing the same space. In the second episode, Symbiosense, we brought the public in this shared space and we explored the relation between us, between two bodies passing through dance from trust to confrontation, to support, to symbiosis or to opposition. Trailer Symbiosense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfB6d6pIGE0.  


For the performance we will create in Luxembourg we intend to explore furthermore the theme of togetherness, the idea of communion between dancers and public. By vanishing the limit between stage and public, we believe that there are more limits that disappear. The spectator has the chance to share more sensations and more feelings and participates in the performance in a different, personal way. 

What we need to do from here

The common theme of all Height Sense  episodes is the investigation of the senses. How can the senses become the source of transformation? From this point of view, we believe that the music frequency is as important as the dance itself in creating a more powerful sensory and emotional connection between performers and spectators. This is why we wish that the sound research goes hand in hand with the coreographic one. We want to be able to create through sound an acoustic scenography where the dance happens. This is why it is very important for us to complete our team with a sound designer, Florin Şerban, with whom we collaborated in the creation on Symbiosense. 

Accoustic challange for this performance is to use the sound of music as an active agent with a neutral tone. The interaction field created by dance and human connection will be sustained by a specific sound frequency range, in order to induce a resonant ambience. This method consists of digitally generated binaural sounds, diguised in artistic electronic music, which will stimulate states of well being, light extatic experience, feeling of oneness, peace and daydreaming. The potential effect over the general state of the crowd will be a normal waking state of consciousness, restoration of the five senses to default and removal of inhibitions. Asociated with dance and dynamic colored light, this soundtrack is meant to design an alchemical framework for what's about to become a perfectly normal human interaction. Florin Serban / Cândcum.

The E-Motional residency covers the transport and acommodation fees for two persons. We have intitiated a fundraising campaign to be able to cover the transport and acommodation expenses for the sound designer. We nedd 650 euros for the acommodation and around 250 euros for the transport. Any support will help us to achieve our goal to create the new Height Sense performance and create a complex sensorial and emotional experience for our audience.

The team

Tímea Kovács - choreographer, dancer

Alexandra Gîrbea - choreographer, dancer

Florin Şerban - sound designer