Gura Siriului Garden

2 euro +
We thank you + plant seed of your choice + a sticker with Gura Siriului Garden

Delivery date: May 2015
5 euro +
We name a plant in the garden after you + we thank you + a Gura Siriului Garden sticker

Delivery date: September 2015
10 euro +
You will receive a unique designed ceramic brooch depicting animals in the garden (lizard, dragonfly,snail, shrew, hedgehog,pheasant, doggy, plant)

Delivery date: September 2015
20 euro +
a super ceramic sculpted pot - i can even make it in a shape of a thinker- to plant in some aromatic plants seeds that we'll deliver including how to guide

Delivery date: September 2015
30 euro +
0 / 15
You receive a fresh veggie/fruit basket ( summer: fruits or veggies/ winter: canned jam,fruits, stew, zacusca) all from Gura Siriului Garden

Delivery date: July 2015
50 euro +
0 / 10
a super ceramic signed pot + a fruit/veggie basket (picked by you from the garden or delivered to you) + seeds of your choice

Delivery date: June 2015
100 euro +
a fruit basket + a veggie basket + an invitation at a Kabinet workshop (ceramics, painting, toy making , tailoring, manuscript & bookbinding)

Delivery date: August 2015
500 euro +
monthly delivery of the veggie/fruit basket for 6 months + an XL sculpture in which you can plant whatever you want (special designed according what you want to plant in)

Delivery date: June 2015
1000 euro +
You get all the above perks nicely packed and our deep gratitude for the most green supporter

Delivery date: June 2015
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4 years ago my parents donated this 400m square land  to me, in the same town where i was born & grew up, in the same place i used to pick colorado bugs from the potatoes leafs and watch for the goats and discover nature. Now the area became interesting for real estate investors and Bucharest is growing. As i grew  i decided to balance the thrive for concrete and cars and pollution with this simple solution: keeping this garden as it is, a nature oasis. Here we will practice & teach permaculture as a way to self-sustainability, also art techniques and workshops and we welcome anyone is interested in this kind of lifestyle.



What we’ve done until now

We have two hugelkultur beds, a keyhole garden, some trees(cherry, nut, apple,sour-cherry) , some shrubs(fig, gojiberry, redcurrant,gooseberry) and we also have a garage thet needs a practical set-up



What we need to do from here

The project needs a fence, a water tank and a caravan for hosting travelers and volunteers.

If we have the fence, then our dear plants won't be trampled by dogs and we can deliver healthy rich fruit and veggie baskets. If we have a water tank , watering the garden will be far more accessible than taking water out of the well with the bucket and the plants will be thankful under the summer sun. If we have a van we can host fellow travelers, volunteers and tourists in much comfortable conditions than tent camping. Also in the end of it all we must set up the workshop for a lot of creative ideas( in ceramics, painting, doll making,manuscripts & book binding).

These are the needs in the priority order and that's where your money will go: fence,water tank, van, workshop set-up)

The team

We are an open community of artists, permaculture designers, free minded&creative people , aware that the world needs a paradigm shift in a greener light.

Crina Cranta is a fine artist & initiated the project, Cristian Iordache is a visual artist pasionate about pasive houses and eco-design, Teodor Terpez is an permaculture designer and a permaculture event organiser, 438 studio is the production playhouse that delivered our campaing video

What can go wrong

Good news is that the project is alive, the bad news is that it needs an upgrade not to fall apart and for this we count on you , and us (but we alone are not enough)