Iordache's new Jazz Funk album "Garden Beast"

5 euro +
An exclusive advance download of the album, as MP3 320, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC or Ogg Vorbis, including the album artwork, names of the musicians and any other relevant information.

Delivery date: October 2013
10 euro +
All of the above, plus a CD signed by Iordache, plus special thanks on the official Iordache Facebook and Twitter pages

Delivery date: October 2013
25 euro +
All of the above, plus an 150-gram vinyl LP signed by Iordache. Due to vinyl’s technical limitations, the LP may contain less music than the CD: its duration, for optimal sound quality, is between 40 and 42 minutes.

Delivery date: October 2013
50 euro +
All of the above, plus my personal thanks on the CD and LP covers.

Delivery date: October 2013
100 euro +
All of the above, plus an invitation for two at one of the album release concerts. Transportation and accommodation are not included.

Delivery date: October 2013
300 euro +
1 / 4
All of the above, plus access to the studio or the recording location, in Bucharest or Timisoara, for one recording session. Absolute silence is required. Transportation and accommodation are not included.

Delivery date: September 2013
500 euro +
2 / 3
All of the above, plus your/your company’s/your organization’s logo on the back cover of the CD and LP, the same size as Fiver House Record’s logo. Iordache and Fiver House Records reserve the right to politely refuse such sponsorship if they feel the association with such entity might hurt their reputation. In this case, you will be refunded.

Delivery date: October 2013
1500 euro +
0 / 2
All of the above, minus the logos, plus a mention as Executive Producer on the CD/LP cover and a private concert (the date and place will be agreed upon), followed by a talk with the musicians. Travel and lodging not included. (This reward is limited to private persons only)

Delivery date: October 2013
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My name is Iordache and I am a jazz funk saxophone player.


I started my own band Iordache ten years ago, as I was writing my first tunes. Since then, I have released three albums: Friday – featuring Tom Smith (2003), Dissipatin’ (2005) and One Life Left (2012). The latter was released by my own record label, Fiver House Records, with some help from friends at L’Atelier Café in Cluj, some generous donors and, for the main part, my own savings. The production costs for 500 CD’s and 100 vinyl LP’s haven’t been recouped as yet.


One Life Left was well received, in Romania and on Jazz websites abroad:


“Firstly, the great revelation: Mihai Iordache’s band, featuring splendid arrangements and a wonderful drive. For me, they represent hope, as I haven’t been to Bucharest since many years ago, and I hope they will keep the current line-up, which is extremely good. The first part of this concert served as an ideal prelude for the second – Iordache absorbed disparate elements from the post-modern jazz aesthetic and coagulated them into a musical statement that is both coherent and convincing”  - Virgil Mihaiu, on the Radio Romania Muzical website.



“(One Life Left) manages to easily surpass the classic jazz zone and I recommend it as one the most impressive album releases in our country for 2012.” – Zoltan Varga


“Drawing upon elements of cool jazz, nu jazz, exotica and lounge funk, Iordache’s tone colors can sound like Herbie’s “Speak Like a Child”, Jagga Jazzist, Snarky Puppy, Henry Mancini, Gil Evans or Dolphy's "Hot Cool and Latin". “One Life Left” is new cool jazz for the 21st, with lots of odd quirky eccentricities to boot.” – Jazz Music Archives


„Very cool tune. Burns and swings, catchy and uplifting. Bonus points for Pac-Man inspiration. Recommended.” – All About Jazz about the opening track Triangle.


Today, I’m asking for your support to record and produce a new album, called Garden Beast. It’s my first album where the tunes are linked by a common thread. I have been living in a house with a garden for the last twenty years and I could observe nature changing, from day to day and from season to season, according to its own rhythm. This often makes me consider our responsibility towards the environment.


Your contributions will go towards

  • Recording the album and paying the participating musicians’ fees
  • Mixing and mastering the recorded material.
  • The creation of original artwork for the cover, by an artist.
  • Production and manufacturing of the CD (in Digipak format) and of a limited series of Vinyl LP’s.
  • Promoting and publicizing the album, if possible.


Anyone who wishes to support this project will be rewarded, of course. The differences between these rewards – which range from a simple digital album to a private concert – only exist because I hope there will be some people who will wish to donate more, and so I will be able to finish the album quicker. But I appreciate any donation equally, most of all because I have been also supporting a few projects, and I couldn’t always pay as much as I would have wanted to.


Thanks a lot and I hope you will enjoy the album!


All the best,