Williams Galleries - house of artists

5 euro +
A custom hand-made bookmark.

Delivery date: May 2014
10 euro +
A photograph of William and the team, plus a bookmark.

Delivery date: May 2014
25 euro +
An illustration or a caricature, plus a bookmark.

Delivery date: May 2014
50 euro +
All the above: an illustration or a caricature, a photograph of William and the team, plus a bookmark.

Delivery date: May 2014
100 euro +
0 / 20
A photo album from the Galleries, a sketch signed by an exhibiting artist, plus an acting or painting course.

Delivery date: May 2014
200 euro +
0 / 10
A 100/70cm painting signed by an exhibiting artist of your choice.

Delivery date: May 2014
500 euro +
0 / 7
We'll home-cook dinner for you and your partner, plus a portrait and a small piano recital. After dinner, you can take your table home with you, since it's custom-made.

Delivery date: May 2014
1000 euro +
0 / 5
We'll home-cook dinner for you and your partner, plus a portrait and a small piano recital. After dinner, you can take your table home with you, since it's custom-made. Moreover, you'll also receive a light fixture created from a mannequin torso. And last but not least, a photograph with William and the team.

Delivery date: May 2014
2000 euro +
0 / 3
A private theme party in the Galleries, with a custom menu, a live band, karaoke, a surprise guest, plus a portrait and a photograph with William and the team.

Delivery date: May 2014
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We dedicate our activity to artists and exhibitions. We exist for them and because of them. Out of true love for art we wish to ease the course of each and every artist and increase as much as possible the cultural appetite in the city of Bucharest.


By opening this art gallery that is free in all respects for any artist or artistic event. As the Galleries have a distinct spirit, we are passionate about versatile art projects, that are current and comprising, which is why we embrace creative ideas, ranging from classical to contemporary music, theatre, movie, dance, performance, photography and last but not least fine art in all shapes and sizes. For all of these we are involved in the promotion because we consider it's natural. Here, freedom of expression and art in its innate form feel at home.

Shortly after opening their colourful door on December the 7th of 2013, the Galleries have become a sort of portal where artists arrive at the beginning of their journey, and whom we launch happily on their journey.

The Galler-ies

The plural is due to the division of the space - three rooms and a hallway, which represent the Mystery Gallery, the Hazard Gallery, the Soul Gallery and the Labyrinth Gallery. Thus, an artist can exhibit in one of the galleries if they cannot occupy the entire space or if they wish to constrain their concept into a singular space. For group exhibitions, this partition allows that the unique styles of artists remain unitary.

A relevant part of the Galleries are also the three craft cabinets, where several artists exhibit objects made out of glass, pottery, wood, as well as other materials, all fully handcrafted.

Even the basement of the house emanates art, as this is the workshop of DAlexander, Pancencu and Adrian.

What we’ve done until now

In our brief existence, here is what we have accomplished so far:

December 12th -24th of 2013 - Marian Văsii - scenographer - graphics and painting exhibition

December 20th-22nd of 2013 - Hand-made jewelry exhibition, for a humanitarian purpose

December 11th-23rd of 2013 - The Christmas Tree - three little Christmas trees were decorated by the artists and donated to two placement centers and one seniors' center

January 4th-14th of 2014 - Exhibition Group 0203 - musical opening Crowd Control

They are called 0203 because the group of artists represents the generations after the 1989 Revolution. A true gesture of courage, as they occupy the Galleries in their distinctive style, such that each gallery gives birth to a new universe. The domains range from graphics (DAlexander), digital art (Bogdan Nedelcu), scenography (PanceNko), painting (Cristina Stan) and hand-made accessories (Ana Maria Ștedel)

January 15th-26th of - Painting exhibition - „PanceNko - painting or something like that”

January 25th of 2014 - Dristor movie premiere. Direction Ioan-George Pancencu

January 27th - February 9th of 2014 - Performance and live painting exhibition

February 1st of 2014 - Improv concert - Alina Botei

February 10th-15th of 2014 - Mixed-media exhibition - ”The Beauty of a Skin in Contrast to another Skin”

Ioana Casapu and Cristiana Negoescu present a mixed-media documentary about the current states of being of the contemporary society and the ways in which they impact our daily routes.

February 10th-25th of 2014 - Hand-made fair for a humanitarian purpose

February 15th of 2014 - Chamber concert - Constantin brothers

March 8th-15th - Photography exhibition - Labels by blackiss

And the activities don't stop here: we organise movie nights, graphics and painting workshops, karaoke, board games, reading evenings and interactive trainings.

What we need to do from here

We still have a lot to say! We have on our calendar painting and photography exhibitions, group exhibitions, artists exhibiting for their first time, beautiful people, with different ideas, themes and styles, names like Ella Popa, Iuliana Adina Apostol, Mircea Nechita, Doina Sibiceanu, Ana Mirela Anghel, Dragoș Ștefan, Cristi Gardin, Evghenia, Anca Cuzum, Marius Nistor, Corneille, Ligia Boboc, Bebu Dură, Paul Hitter and many more. Thus the calendar is planned until the end of the year 2014.

The team

The project is represented by the creators, Marian and Cătălin, but would not have been possible without the support and the help given by Mihail, Ella, George, Adrian, and of course all those that want the project to continue: Cristiana, Ioana C., Mihai, Cristian, Robert, Alexandru, Ioana P., Adina, Tudor, Ioana S., Rodica, Neacșu, DAlexander and everyone that lent a helping hand at some point in time. We don't want to forget to thank the Facebook community, the exhibiting artists and of course all those that visited us.

What can go wrong

The project has indeed some financial risks. With an initial investment of 20,000 euros, we insured the rent and utilities for the space, whitewashing, mounting the picture rails, electrical and sanitary repairs, as well as all the other improvements that have been necessary for the Galleries to be hospitable.

The 4000 euros would help us continue until the end of the year and honor all the artists' entries so far. The minimum of 30% would help us insure the space for at least another two months, and keep supporting the artists.



* All the supporters of Williams Galleries will have their name written on the wall in the inner courtyard, which shall thus be named the wall of support.

* At the same time, anyone can apply freely for an exhibition, performance or a workshop. We are happy to have a bigger family!