First Album FunCuBello feat. Decebal Bădilă

8 euro +
Digital version of the album + video from recording sessions

Delivery date: November 2016
12 euro +
Digital version of the album + video from the recording sessions + the physical version of the album with the signatures of all members

Delivery date: January 2017
30 euro +
0 / 0
The above versions + another CD signed by the members of the band

Delivery date: January 2017
100 euro +
The above versions and the sponsor is added on all promotional materials (plus the logo of the company, on request)

Delivery date: January 2017
500 euro +
0 / 1
The above versions and the sponsor is mentioned on the 4th cover of the CD as main sponsor + 4 tickets to one of our concerts (accommodation, transportation not included)

Delivery date: January 2016
2000 euro +
Private concert in a location chosen by you. This amount does not comprise the transportation and the lodging expenses of the members of the band.

Delivery date: July 2017
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It all started 17 years ago. During this time, we gathered ideas and created the FUNCUBELLO style.

After finishing college, I have managed to make one of my dreams come true: finding the right people for this project. We start from famous jazz tracks and my own compositions in Afro-Cuban and funk rhythms and harmonies, and enhance them with refined arrangements and inspired improvisations. The co-optation of the saxophonist Jiři Halada brought FUNCUBELLO style new fusion-funk accents, with modern jazz and smooth jazz influences. 

Why contributing to the birth of this CD?

This album must be looked as a result of the musical training of each member of the band along with his/her education and carrier. The beauty, originality and at the same time the uniqueness of this album is materialised in the completion of the search, as a corollary of our work from the past 17 years. The album bears the name of our first composition from the history of the band. “Prima” is the album where the fusion, jazz, funk-New Orleans, Afro-Cuban and smooth jazz influences will be easily noticed. The album will contain 12 tracks, all our own compositions, derived from an in-depth work.

The novelty of this album is the collaboration with Decebal Bădilă, who is an idol and an important name for both the members of the band and Romania, in general. Known as one of the best Romanian bass players, Decebal Bădilă has a unique style, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Decebal Bădilă says: “The new generation of musicians needs our help and we want to be an inspiration for the young musicians.”



What we’ve done until now

At this moment, the entire team behind FunCuBello wishes to focus on making this CD. Our musical level currently requires professional recording in a studio, which is possible 100% only by means of this CD. 

What we need to do from here

In order to complete this album, we ask for your support. Your investment in the recording and the production of this album, can cover all the respective needs:

- the studio costs, the transportation costs and the minimum payment of the musicians

- the costs related to releasing such an album, respectively the processing of the recorded material

- the CD design

- the promotion/advertise of the album, both nationally and internationally

We think you should invest in this album because the 12 tracks blend musical styles in a completely new manner. The arrangements and rhythmic-melodic energy of this album grant the auditor the possibility to live special emotional moments.  It is about an artistic act which we hope will bring joy to many people, owing to you.

Any help is highly appreciated: you can choose the package that suits you best from those presented. We also understand that those who involve are often those who really understand the needs of an artist and of a band. 

Hoping that we will soon meet, I want to thank you now for any type of donation, as small as it may be, and to tell you that thanks to you, this project can grow and offer the band the satisfaction that people listen to quality music, music that maybe will inspire them as well at a certain point. 

The team

We currently collaborate with artists highly acknowledged and appreciated within jazz world:  Nils Wrasse, Christian Gastl, Kimo Eiserbeck, Lucian Nagy, saxophone and Daniel Brennecke, Achim Rafain, Lisa Wulf, Johann Berby, bass

All these years, the styles alternated, but about five years ago we materialised what we call today FunCuBello: 

Sax – Jiri Halada

Keyboard – Loredana Todor Sâpcu

Bass – Decebal Bădilă

Drums – Daniel Sâpcu



What can go wrong

This campaign is necessary to make a quality work, at the highest standards, using people with experience in professional recording, who use cutting-edge equipment. Currently, the prices are very high, whilst the concerts are poorly paid. We are aware, due to both the artistic act and the financial efforts, that a high-quality work is difficult to accomplish. Once this project is completed, we strongly believe that everything will materialise into a successful album.