Flug, peer to peer deliveries

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Delivery date: March 2016
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Delivery date: September 2016
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Flug(germ: flight) is a platform who's aim is to innovate and evolve the way packages are sent locally. By promoting the direct connection between the sender and the courier that is picking the package, by means of a smartphone app, short distance deliveries can be done directly and for a fraction of the cost - the package will not have to go through a collection facility.

Why us? Taxi drivers, Lokko, Tribul and others all practice a similar model for the delivery service. What we bring to the table is an exclusively online platform - without a dispatcher, but a distribution algorithm - thus helping you place an order for a delivery in two easy steps, and then follow it in real time while it goes to its destination. 

We don't need a fleet.  The iOS and Android apps that are part of the platform, make a very fast deliveryman for your package from anyone that has a bike or a scooter, has passed our personal screening process and has signalled his or hers availability through the app. Based on geolocation, your preferences and the volume size of the package, upon placing an order, the algorithm picks a courier whom it notifies with the delivery data: sender location, distance and price. If the order is accepted then you proceed to step two, if not, the next closest courier is notified. 

Two steps: First is placing the order, second is the pre-authorizing payment. By using a bank as a payment processing provider, you will have your data safe and the payment itself will only be executed when the package gets delivered and confirmed.

Peer to peer. We believe that you can trust the person next to you and we create the medium for that to happen. You will be able to watch on the map in real time as the package is carried successfully to its destination and if you're satisfied and tell us, the algorithm will take this into consideration and will give a higher priority to the couriers you have succesfully worked with. Additionally, if you log in using your facebook account, you will know what common friends you share with the person that has you package delivered - there's a good chance there are a few. And if things don't go well at all, we have all identification data of the courier and we will make sure the issue is resolved.

A fair system. The algorithm will calculate dynamically, based on the optimal path distance between the sender and the receiver and will be shown when placing the order. A per km fee will be added to a base price, so the effort that the courier makes will be reflected in the price, most of which(80%) will go directly to the courier.

What we’ve done until now

We're currently working on a Minimum Viable Product, to talk in terms of lean startup, which is comprised of the backend, frontend(where the orders will be placed), and the Android and iOS applications which are used by the couriers. Because some wheels in the backend API started moving, you can even see us testing the platform with the Android app.

What we need to do from here

From there, first we'll finish the frontend and the iOS and Android apps for the courier. From that moment, which will happen in march 2016, we will start beta-testing as we'll be having an end-to-end MVP ready.

By choosing some of the rewards, you will help us decide for which platform we'll develop the user app first. 

When the platform and the apps will be ready and stable, we will continue developing for the interfaces linking our service to some(you also get to choose which) ecommerce platforms, thus providing the service to small online shops. 

The team

The team, Alex and Bogdan, we're two computer science graduates that have worked a couple of years and many projects for multinational companies, and we're now focusing on building this local service, for Bucharest. We have gained some experience implementing logistics modules for companies that are activating in this field. However, as Travis Kalanick did not pilot a cab, neither we can say that we have filled an AWB. We do belive though that we're the right people to bring a new perpective in this domain.

What can go wrong

As any technology startup does, we do realize that we still have many challenges and unknowns ahead. We do have the determination and the means to finish the prototype no matter the result of the financing of this campaign, so the platform will exist.

We also realise that many romanian laws are not up-to-date with the times we're living in, so by introucing a novel way of doing a well established business, we are risking not being able to scale the business beyond a very low number of orders. But the ones that will be placed from the rewards of this campaigns, we will deliver either way.