Online booking platform for restaurants in Romania

10 euro +

Delivery date: July 2019
10 euro +
10 EUR voucher at one of the FindaTable restaurants partners for those who donated more than EUR 100. For those who have donated less than 100 EUR, we will thank them on the Facebook platform page:

Delivery date: July 2019
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In a world of technology where we have the first humanoid robots with citizenship, the movement of people from one side to another is done through various applications on the phone, ordering food at home / office is done online and many other human activities sustained and simplified by technology, we think that also booking a table at your favorite restaurant in real time, regardless of the time - 24/7, it is a necessity.

What we’ve done until now

The project has little to complete its development part (basic functions) in Romanian version. In the implementation chapter, FindaTable managed to start approaching a few restaurants from: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, Constanta, Iasi and Targu Mures, in order to prepare the platform entering the market.

What we need to do from here

FindaTable first of all wants to complete the development of its basic features and then make available to its users also the English version of the platform, together with the possibility of its users to access the platform directly from an IOS / Android application. On the market side, it requires marketing campaigns, Google Adwords budgets, conferences, TV commercials, radio.

The team


The project team consists of 2 graduates of Machine Building - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and a software development company from Cluj-Napoca, contracted for the development of this project.

What can go wrong


If the completion of the project development and its implementation on the Romanian market can not be supported financially further on, the only consequence would be that the project can not be used neither by the restaurants nor by the customers of the restaurants, thus remaining at the stage of pen and paper - in the case of restaurants (when reservations are received), and in the case of the final customers - they can not make a reservation at a restaurant if the restaurant do not answer the phone or if the phone call comes out of the restaurant's working hours.