Dirty Shirt & The National Folk Ensemble Transylvania

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Delivery date: March 2017
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Digital live album (audio)

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Digital live album (video & audio)

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Invitation to a concert + goodies: poster, guitar pick, sticker, etc.

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CD/DVD live album (shipment included) + digital album (audio/video) + goodies

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T-Shirt FolkCore Detour (shipment included) + digital live album (audio/video) + goodies

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Invitation to a concert + CD/DVD live album (shipment included) + digital live album (audio/video) + goodies

Delivery date: December 2017
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Invitation to a concert + T-Shirt (shipment included) + digital live album (audio/video) + goodies

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T-Shirt + CD/DVD live album (shipment included) + digital live album (audio/video) + goodies

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Invitation to a concert + T-Shirt + CD/DVD live album (shipment included) + digital live album (audio/video) + goodies

Delivery date: December 2017
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FolkCore Detour is a Romanian tour together with the National Folk Ensemble Transylvania, a prestigious state folk orchestra founded almost 60 years ago. Due to its impressive production, which includes over 40 people (musicians, technical and organization staff, video team), the project is as a genuine artistic, logistical and technical challenge. As a result of the tour, we will release a live album (CD/DVD formats).

The idea of a show that reunites a rock/metal band and a complete folk ensemble on the same stage is unique. It is an unprecedented production in the entire world. There are examples of rock/metal band that collaborated with a philharmonic orchestra, but not with a complete folk ensemble (orchestra). Within the Folk Metal genre we can find certain artists that use traditional instruments in the studio or on tour, but none has ever incorporated a full traditional orchestra. Conversely, there are renowned artists in the Balkans, who played concerts with folk ensembles and rock instruments, but no one has ever done a production with complete line-ups, both rock and traditional. The concerts will take place in Romania's big cities, in concert halls suited for such a production and opening act will be E-an-na (Folk Metal), undoubtedly one of the finest up-and-coming bands in the country.



- if you want to combine several rewards, choose one reward, enter appropriate minimum amount and send us an email to  info@dirty-shirt.com with all information. 

- if you choose a reward containing t-shirts, please send us an email to info@dirty-shirt.com and specify the model (women or men) and the size. 

- if you choose a reward that need shipment (live album, t-shirt without invitation to a concert), we need your adress. The shipment costs are included. If you choose an award with invitation and t-shirts, those will be offered directly at the concert.

- if you consider to makre a trip to Romania and come to one of the concerts, contact us at info@dirty-shirt.com and we can help you to find the best travel and accomodation solutions. We have a beautiful country, and a holiday in Romania with a Dirty Shirt show, could be awesome :)

What we’ve done until now


- 17 March: Casa Tineretului, Baia Mare


- 18 March: Casa Tineretului, Timișoara


- 24 March: Form Space, Cluj Napoca


- 25 March: Casa Studenților, Iași


- 31 March: Kruhnen Musik Halle, Brasov


- 1 April: Arenele Romane Bucuresti (DVD recording)



What we need to do from here

- funding campaign


The team

PROMUSIC EVENTS (Organizer, Dirty Shirt's management & booking agency)

Promusic is one of the most important booking agencies in Romania, the organizer of the Maximum Rock Festival whose line-up included over the years well-known metal acts, such as Moonspell, Kamelot, Epica, Annihilator, Dark Tranquility, My Dying Bride, Samael, etc.). Promusic also constantly organizes shows and tours with Romanian and international bands. Some of the major acts that the agency brought to Romania in recent years are Machine Head, Enter Shikari, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Iced Earth, Children of Bodom, Queensryche, Orphaned Land, Sabaton, Helloween, Therion, Apocalyptica, Primal Fear, UDO, Haggard, Blind Guardion, WASP, Pro Pain, King Diamond, etc.


The National Folk Ensemble Transylvania from Baia Mare was founded in 1959 as an integral part of the professional State Ensemble with the aim of preserving and promoting the rich and longstanding Romanian folk traditions. Thus far, the ensemble has successfully fulfilled its mission, having played numerous highly-appreciated concerts in countries all over the world (Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, China, South Korea, Mongolia, United States of America and Canada. An interesting element of their concerts are their traditional Romanian folk costumes that reflect the great craftsmanship of their creators and enrich the specificity of their live performances. The tours they have organized over the years both in Romanian and abroad have received many raving reviews. Some of the most memorable events in which they participated were the concerts with the renowned conductor André Rieu.

SET-UP Rental & Events (technical support provider)

Set-Up Rental & Events is one of the most important technical production companies in Romania, having over 10 years of experience. It provided technical support to various events, including national tours and major festivals, such as Eurovision Romania 2015, 2016; Electric Castle 2016; Artmania 2012-2015; Peninsula 2011, 2012; Patricia Kaas in Iasi & Cluj, 2013; Uriah Heep, 2008; Smokie, 2007; etc.


- video production by Om Creatives

- audio production by Mihai Tivadar (MT Sound, Grenoble), Bornuz Vlad (Blana Recording Studio, Cluj-Napoca) and Adrian Uritescu (LowBass5 Studio, Deva)

- pictures by Ciprian Vladut





What can go wrong

If the subsidies and sponsorships obtained are insufficient, we will be forced to reduce the production for Dirty Shirt + Taraf (about 15 musicians on stage), but as long as we have your support, we go forward.