Dă culoare școlii tale! (Give color to your school!)

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Perhaps better than we could do it in words, we let the children show you a bit of what happened so far in the project "Give color to your school!" and the need to give continuity to our approach.

The project "Give color to your school!" is part of an educational program initiated by Komunitas Association called "Creative schools" whose long-term goal is to transformation of schools.

Considered a kind of a "third teacher", the environment "speaks" to the children by giving them the possibility of action and experience. However, many schools in Romania remained frozen in an education model outdated in our society, both in the way it is taught and the organization and appearance.

It has been demonstrated that a cheerful and pleasant physical environment plays an important role in improving the atmosphere in schools and, therefore, the quality of education and learning outcomes. Moreover, the more the students contribute to the improvement of school space and have the opportunity to implement their own ideas, the more they will feel the owners of that space and responsible for the change around them.


Designed as an educational pilot participatory mural art project in schools, "Give color to your school!" brings together currently 105 students, seven teachers, five facilitators and 7 visual artists in 5 cities (Bucharest, Chitila, IF; Râciu , MS; Contesti, TR, Cluj-Napoca, CJ), who works at the transformation of 7 schools in Romania through art and education.

Through this campaign we want to give a continuity to our project in the participating schools by opening a painting club in each school, which offer the chance of participating pupils and many others to be creative, to inspire and to "give color to their school" every day, even after the project.


How does this program change schools?

- Through 21 non-formal educational workshops about equality, mutal respect, anti-discrimination and social inclusion using non-formal methods


- Through 21 painting workshops held by 7 visual artists in the country.


- By making 7 murals in schools with the direct participation of children in each stage – from concept, to sketching and the realization of the painting. The theme of each painting is chosen by the children, based on the message that they want to transmit to the other children in school about the concepts discussed in the educational workshops.



- By making a documentary film and a `best practice` guide , which will include recommendations to the Ministry of Education.

The `greater aim` of the project is to develop a model of a participatory mural art program to be further expanded nationally with the support of public authorities in the education sector.


What we’ve done until now

Currently, we have completed the theoretical workshops, we have chosen the themes of the murals, we have finished theirs sketches during the practical workshops and we started working on the 7 murals,  which should be completed by the end of March. The documentary film and the `best practices` guide are also on their way.



What we need to do from here

Since the beginning of the project, we intended to provide the schools involved with the minimum materials required for the creation of a painting club. Along the way, we found that many schools have very little unused spaces, and those that exist need more than brushes and colors to turn into a functional painting club.

Currently, we seek solutions for the development and management of unused spaces in schools that could accommodate these clubs painting. Your contribution will bring us closer to functional and inspirational spaces, that continue the transformation of schools through art and participation, started with this project.

Your involvement means providing more painting materials and therefore the possibility of more children to benefit from these activities for free, the purchase of a proper furniture (tables, chairs, easels, storage) and transforming dull spaces in schools in friendly places that inspire and support creativity.

Let's give color to the schools together!

The team

The project was initiated by Komunitas Association, as part of a broader educational program of the association called "Creative schools", whose long-term goal is to change the face of schools through non-formal education, art and participatory interventions. More about this initiative here: www.scolicreative.ro

The project partners are: Centre for Education and Training ”Sintagma”, ”Colectiv A” Association (Cluj) and KulturTrip Association (Targu Mures).

The team consists of:


With us are the students of the 7 schools participating in the project:

  • School "Liviu Rebreanu" (Cluj-Napoca, Cluj)
  • Gymnasium "Gheorghe Sincai" (Râciu, Mures)
  • Middle School Contesti (Contesti, Teleorman)
  • Middle School "Ion Vişoiu" (Chitila, Ilfov)
  • Secondary School no. 31 (Bucharest)
  • National College "Mihai Eminescu" (Bucharest)
  • Middle School "Ferdinand" (Bucharest) and

a group of enthusiastic volunteers that help us document and conduct the workshops.

What can go wrong


"Give color to your school!" was designed from the beginning as a pilot project testing this type of participatory interventions in schools. We intend to use every thing that is not perfect at first as a lesson  for the following projects. "The Good Practices Guide" drawn up at the end of the project will have this very purpose: to draw a line on our experience so far, to tell what we have achieved, what surprised us and what we can improve in the future.

Therefore we see the project as a beginning, a first step in expanding the concept nationwide, and your involvement will only bring us closer to this goal. Thank you (in advance) that you join us in our efforts!