"Fylosofy" jazz album by Cristian Soleanu quartet

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5 euro + The digital format of the album-MP3 320 kbit/s or FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC or Ogg Vorbis and graphic of the album.

Delivery date: July 2015
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One CD - "Fylosofy" signed by Cristian Soleanu + all of above.

Delivery date: July 2015
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All of above + one invitation at the official release of the album "Fylosofy"- if you are in Bucharest in July 2015.

Delivery date: July 2015
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All of above + two private lessons, one hour each, with Cristian Soleanu where we' re discussing aspects about practicing on saxophone. September-October 2015.

Delivery date: September 2015
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All of above + a two persons invitation at the "Twin Thoughts" concert for the "Fylosofy" album releasing. Possible between October-November 2015.

Delivery date: October 2015
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All of above+ the opportunity to participate at one workshop about improvising music and spontaneous creation sustained by the "Twin Thoughts" group. October-November 2015, Bucharest.

Delivery date: October 2015
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Delivery date: July 2015
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Cristian Soleanu   |   Mattia Magattelli   |   George Dumitriu   |   Kristian Krajncan
Cristian Soleanu | Mattia Magattelli |
George Dumitriu | Kristian Krajncan

Cristian Soleanu Quartet – Fylosofy (raw mix)

"To whom it may concern

The European quartet of the Bucharest based saxophonist Cristian Soleanu contains the members George Dumutriu, electric guitar and sampling, the Italian Mattia Magatelli, contrabass, and the Slovenian Kristijan Kraincan, drums. All the four contribute to the repertory with their own pieces.

As international as the cast is the trend of their music - a style with very lyrical undertows.

The compositions are either modal or influenced by modern harmonic concepts of jazz exponents such as Wayne Shorter. Slow movements prevail but even the fast pieces are marked by Cristian Soleanu's significant melodic sense, "furry" sound quality and clean intonation. There is a tight interaction namely between Soleanu and guitarist Dumitriu who often engage in polyphonic duets and improvised chamber music-like interplays. Dumitriu's use of a moderate reverb and discrete electronic loops and samples add to the dreamy romantic character of the recordings particularly in the improvised soundscape "Pleyades". Spacing is an important feature whereas dense virtuoso moments are rare.

Some pieces like the elegiac "IMY" are almost through-composed. With an uneven rock groove, a leaping twisted theme and a gripping solo by Dumitriu, the piece "One and One" represents the rougher side of the repertory. It is Mattia Magatelli's pizzicato bass which in an unspectacular but meaty way gives roots to these floating performances. Kristijan Krajncan's drum is mostly concerned with a fluent accompaniment but also contributes an expressive solo in "One and One".

“Fylosofy” is a solid accomplishment of a collaborative group and well worth to be released on a CD."

January 11, 2015

Jurg Solothurnmann (*1943) M.A.

musicologist, saxophonist, writer

former music editor of the Swiss national Radio SRF2 Kultur

former lecturer and teacher

What we’ve done until now

At this time the music is all recorded. There are nine contemporary jazz originals composed by Cristian Soleanu, George Dumitriu, Mattia Magattelli and Kristian Krajncan.

What we need to do from here

Until July 2015 we have to finish the mixing/mastering and final production af the album.

The team

Fiver House Records, Sorin Romanescu, Bogdan Vuluta, Andrei Barbu and Mihai Vasile.

What can go wrong

We cannot finalize the project without your support.