Cool Cooking

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For those willing to support our adventure from the distance, we thought of a way to get in touch with the Cool Cooking spirit via a newsletter. You will receive weekly, together with those participating to the cooking lessons, the transcript of our story: 2 recipes that you can try at home, our nutrition advice for that week with scientific news on the impact of some aliments on our brain and body, and last but not the least, the character training games that we use to train successful chefs.

Delivery date: February 2016
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For those curious to taste a bit from the Cool Cooking spirit before starting the adventure, we prepared a demo session. Come and see us in action!

Delivery date: February 2016
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Early Bird subscription for the first Cool Cooking module that will take place in February. The price includes the cost of the cooking lessons, character training games, the Cool Cooking equipment and the newsletter of the adventure.

Delivery date: February 2016
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Cool Cooking can be the private adventure of your child, to be experienced with his friends. We can offer you a cool birthday party, where kids can have fun by cooking themselves the menu. Moreover, they will play funny games in which they will found out cool information about a healthy nutrition and about a good character that can help ordinary cooks to become successful chefs. We will have also funny special guests that children will love. It will be a memorable party for sure!

Delivery date: February 2016
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Gritty Education has a new educational project: an adventure cooking book for children! What is so special about this book is that it will be inspired by a true story: the cooking classes named Cool Cooking that will start on February this year.

Children will experience more than a cooking workshop: they will be equiped with a cooking set but also with lessons about the positive character traits that they need to succeed in everything they do in life, from a simple recipe to something big like their life mission. 

The cooking class will take place in monthly modules, with 4 sessions that take place each Saturday in 4 different locations with a twist, in the central area of Bucharest. We told you: this will be an adventure! The first session will take place on February 6th, with the participation of 8-10 kids.

We will collect from this cooking story the most appreciated recipes and the coolest character lessons and we will write the Cool Cooking story that will be published this autumn. 

Our wish is that a large number of children and their parents, from all around the country, to experience this adventure and to find out cool things about a healthy nutrition and about the great things people can achieve if they use their character's super powers. 

What we’ve done until now

Cool Cooking is a new project of Gritty Education, a team of trainers that develop character teaching workshops since 2014 in private kindergartens and schools. 

Starting February, this project will be stand alone, with its own community, with a common passion for cooking, and will take place in special locations where the cooking experience will be taken to the next level, becoming an adventure kids will never forget. And not only because there will be written a book about it!

What we need to do from here

Well, we need your help: to make Cool Cooking an adventure and to publish it. In order to make a great book out of it, words are not enough. We need to finance the graphical part of the book that will make the story come real in the hands of the reader. We found a guy that does amazing drawings for comics, but his talent is precious and we need resources to involve him in the project. 

Join us in the Cool Cooking adventure and help us publish the book!

The team

Liliana, co- founder of Gritty Education, has 2 years of rich experiences with children, and discovered in the character teaching process that valuable lessons can be thought while cooking. She started innovating cooking activities with kids, combining fun with knowledge, and the result was an intriguing set of experiments that both children and parents love and ask for more.

Among her fans, there is also me, Mirabela, a lifelong passionate of the child spirit, which is an endless source of inspiration for curiosity, courage and playfulness. I am a volunteer in Gritty Education from the beginning of 2015 when I was irreversibly contaminated with the Gritty mood and I want to spread this mood all around me. And what better way to do this than through a book?

What can go wrong

The objective of the Cool Cooking project is to publish a cooking book this autumn. The cost of publishing and promoting the book is over the financial capacity of Gritty Education, so, without the consistent and continuous support of the community involved in the Cool Cooking workshops, we won't be able to attain our objective.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean we will give up. But we will have to postpone the deadline and to face the dissapointment of the Cool Cooking community and the spare of the related resources invested in this project.