CEVA DE VARĂ – something of summer

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Delivery date: August 2015
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Delivery date: August 2015
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Delivery date: August 2015
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Delivery date: August 2015
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Delivery date: August 2015
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Ceva de Vară is a festival made by people for the people!

Festival Ceva de Vară was first organized in July, 2014 in a small Romanian town Întorsura Buzăului, wich doesn't have a very active social & cultural life, to bring something new, alternative, fresh and summery to the community members from and around the town.

During various non-formal activities with kids & youngsters from Intorsura throughout the year, we identified the need of a big, nice event in this town and of a context where people have opportunities to actively involve in making it happen.


The Festival was a 1-day outdoor event  filled with music, arts, sports and relaxing activities suitable for all the members of the community.


After the positive feedback from the participants of the event last year, we decided to organize it again.

This year it happened for two days - on the 18th-19th of July. 

It seems now that only after the miraculous event many of us actually realized what this event was. And for each of us it meant something different:

‘It felt like magic’

‘Pfua... the feeling that we are all together, doing the thing together, taking care of each other, helping each other. This I appreciate the most. It’s the festival made by volunteers. This means by people who are not obliged to do it. This means: by free will. And it felt like that. Freedom.’

‘The most unique and marvellous event of the summer. Ceva de Vara has the power to unite people of different ages, genders and interests and get the best out of them.

‘I would describe Ceva de Vara as a result of experiment done by a kid in a sandpit. I would totally do it again, and again, and again.’

We managed to gather around 100 local volunteers for the festival days and it was a real pleasure to observe during the event the individual involment of each one of them.  We are glad that we had a chance to offer them this volunteering opportunity. And it seems that also they are glad about that. We asked them what made the festival special to them, and they said that it was the chance to meet new people, to make friends, to be a volunteer and to share their knowledge. Every one if us is waiting for the 3rd edition!

What we’ve done until now

We have been active in the community already since 2013  by applying there two European projects – Playride  and Inside Ride  – which allowed us to do different activities together with kids and youngsters.

We have also already done a lot of work for the festival – we have defined the festival areas and activities that will happen there, we have found partners, attracted many volunteers who are eager to help us, as well as organized several events in parks of Brasov as pre-events of the festival where people from the city can already try out some activity examples and get to know more about the festival.


We have already worked with amazing people, who are devoting themselves to offer various and qualitative activities during the festival days. As they are involved completely voluntarily, we looked for ways how to reward their efforts, and until now we have done small fundraising actions, in order to offer them a warm meal during the event and to cover the transport costs to the festival place.

We have estimated the neccessary amount of money needed for building the festival place: stage, decorations, pavillions for different areas, info points, toilets, garbage bins, signs etc.

What we need to do from here

At the moment when you’re reading this, the festival itself has already ended. But for us it hasn’t ended for past two years. Working on festival doesn’t mean just organizing the event. It also means being in the community long time before and after.

The work never stops. That’s why this project is still open for donations. Don’t be shy to support us.

The team

The festival is organized by Mirakolix through voluntary involment of people from all over the world.

Mirakolix is an NGO founded to support playing all life long. Right now already for the third year Mirakolix is hosting European projects in which volunteers from different countries come together to work for the Romanian communities.

This year we are: Alexandra (Romania), Maria G. (Romania), Maria H. (Romania), Daniel (Germany), Remi (Germany), Ina (Germany), Egle (Lithuania), Maija (Latvia), Mirco (Italy), Pierre (France), Vero (Spain), Grytine (The Netherlands) & many more.

Our team is amazing, but without the community people we are nothing!



What can go wrong

Without this festival people of Întorsura Buzăului  will have one reason less to come together and socialize among diverse age groups. There will be one chance less to gain new friends and one chance less to play, compete and work in a team....And this public space will remain like this.


This is why we will make everything needed for the festival to happen also this year, but for transforming it in an amazing event, in a big festival for a small community we also need your help. 


P.S. Curious to see how it went this year? Check out www.facebook.com/cevadevara for pictures.