The Science Calendar 2015

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Delivery date: November 2014
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Delivery date: November 2014
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Delivery date: November 2014
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Delivery date: November 2014
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Delivery date: November 2014
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You have the opportunity to contribute to a project that is unique in Romania: the science calendar!
Started in 2010, this an annual project with national coverage, whose goal is popularizing science in Romania. Each year, a handful of volunteers work in collecting ans selecting informations for the calendar, and every year the information is updated and supplemented so that the next edition will contain the achievements the 2014.
 Be it physics, mathematics, biology, astronomy, chemistry or medicine, this calendar provides at least 365 reasons to fall in love with science!

What we’ve done until now

The information was updated, selected and corrected. The design is being finalized.

What we need to do from here

After gathering the necessary funds, will print and distribute the calendar .

The team

Members and volunteers of the Romanian Secular-Humanist Association.

What can go wrong

If we do not raise the necessary funds for printing, it is possible that 2015 edition of the calendar does not reach the schools.