Artemium - A bell in the night

5 euro +
A personal email and a post on our facebook in the premier night (if we have your agreement for this) !

Delivery date: October 2018
10 euro +
6 / 150
A signed poster that you can use if you come to the performance and you have 50% discount! (Looking forward to seeing you!)

Delivery date: October 2018
20 euro +
5 / 70
Our signed photo of the artists and an invitation to one of our representations of ” A bell in the night ”.

Delivery date: October 2018
40 euro +
0 / 35
A thank you video and a signed photo from us and an invitation personalized to ” A bell in the night” will come as a thank you for your support.

Delivery date: October 2018
90 euro +
0 / 17
Your support will be appreciated and will invite you to a eurythmy workshop with us and you will have 2 invitations for the premiere night.

Delivery date: October 2018
150 euro +
1 / 8
Poems and music scores in a personalized and signed print will be yours , an invitation for two at the premiere night and also a two persons voucher to one of the eurythmy workshops.

Delivery date: October 2018
300 euro +
1 / 4
We offer you a special meeting for you and your friends, in which we blend music and cooking in a special place. We mention you as patron of the show in the premier night, and we offer you the honorific title as Art Protector.

Delivery date: October 2018
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Artemium came to life out of the need to renew the way of creating art, from the will to bring preform arts to the public authentically. This initiative is the result of our search to find a healthy context to manifest our arts.

Born out of the impulse to have a place to manifest our arts and to share what we are, our initiative brings a new social and cultural direction as an answer to our need of innovation and artistic development. Also, as a possibility for the people to discover themselves through art, to have a self developing and evolution path.

Movement, music, poetry come together as a symbiotic organism. We represent all these arts as a whole :

Eurythmy — Poetry and music visible in movement

Singing — The oldest form of music

Piano — Instrument and artist united through music

Our decision to blend eurythmy, music and poetry creates a new dimension of performing arts. Artemium is a rebirth of performing arts which brings fresh and innovative impulses.

Who we are?

Sandor Ambrus — Pianist — ” I always search to bring life and soul in each sound that surrounds me. The piano is a key to the human soul.

Valerica Ambrus — Soprano and Waldorf teacher — ” The human voice is the simplest and the most mysterious instrument, that comes from heart-to-heart ”

Alexandru Bugnariu — Eurythmist and Waldorf teacher -” If the sound becomes visible as a gesture, you live the image of them, you live in eurythmy”

With Artemium we want to develop an education center of artistic expression and development, as a fresh spring of vivid water. We want a new direction in arts that will open a path for people to affirm and develop themselves.

Performing arts need a new impulse to adapt to the world that we live in. It is essential for people to nourish themselves with arts.

How can we make it possible?

“A bell in the night” — a show which is the result of our research and work as artists.


A blend of poetry, movement and music with the mysterious theme of the night and dreaming. Our vision upon Artemium is like a dream which we can bring to life through this show.

Through this show we bring the means to guide people to a place of artistic and spiritual nourishment.

Artemium will be sustained by the resources gathered from each performance of our show. It gives us the possibility to connect with people and places which can keep this impulse alive.

We plan to have at least 24 performances throughout a year. In the meantime, we would work and research our next show, organize workshops, conferences, music and eurythmy classes to further develop Artemium.

What we’ve done until now

In the first place we searched for partners to be able to bring the project to life. So we got the support of two NGO's :

Asociatia Ephes and Asociatia Rudolf Steiner Brașov together with Scoala Primară Liberă Waldorf Sophia Brașov which enabled us to use the space of their premises for rehearsals and work meetings.

So far we achieved:

Documentation and research of the show — poems and music

  • script of the performance
  • directing structure
  • scenography and costumes
  • light scenes' setup
  • we purchased the light control desk and the fabrics for our costumes
  • marketing campaign
  • program for the first 5 representations
  • established the date of the premiere
  • graphics and poster design
  • presentation portfolio and fliers

To be able to achieve all this, we worked together on an artistic renovation project of a Waldorf kindergarten in Bucharest. The funds we obtained from this project gave us the possibility to purchase and accomplish all the above.



What we need to do from here

We want to perform in unconventional spaces where we can be more powerfully bound to our audience. To be able to do this we need a portable light setup that will allow us to adapt to any circumstances, especially where there is no technical support.

As an independent group and project the financial resources that we have are not enough to cover up the tasks that we still need to do in order to bring this project to life. We still need :

  • Fabrics and decors setups
  • Tailor commission for costumes
  • Light setup (back lights, front lights, foot lights, spotlights, cables and connectors etc)
  • Prints (posters, fliers, presentation portfolios, event programmes)
  • Transportation costs
  • Technical and collaborative support

The team

Sandor Ambrus - Pianist

Valerica Ambrus - Soprano

Alexandru Bugnariu - Eurythmist

What can go wrong

We are determined to accomplish our goals and make our initiative come to life no matter what!