Ended projects

JUG Magazine no.2 by LOOTforever in Bucharest, Romania

JUG is an independent lifestyle magazine made in Bucharest. We want to destroy the traditional way you make a magazine. Get our 2nd issue and help fund JUG!

funded with 2779 euro by 178 backers

PROFEȚIA URBANĂ/ URBAN PROPHECY by robert obert in Bucharest

The Urban Prophecy is a graphic novel that tells a story about the overwhelming society we live in

funded with 2552 euro by 71 backers

"Cosmos" de Carl Sagan by ASUR in Romania

ASUR si-a propus sa lanseze in premiera, in limba romana, cartea "Cosmos", cea mai populara opera a scriitorului Carl Sagan. Sustine si tu acest proiect!

funded with 2160 euro by 89 backers

Noua povesti muzicale by Fundatia Calea Victoriei in Bucuresti

"Noua povesti muzicale" este o carte vie si savuroasa, scrisa de dirijorul Tiberiu Soare. Cartea prezinta marii compozitori intr-un stil relaxat si inteligent.

funded with 2097 euro by 58 backers

Abația (The Abbey) - comic magazine by Manuel Enache in Romania

Abația is a comic magazine inspired by the best Romanian science fiction novel called “Abația” (The Abbey)

funded with 2073 euro by 106 backers

The Age of Reason - Thomas Paine by ASUR in Romania

We want to publish in Romanian the world-famous book, ”The Age of Reason”, by Thomas Paine.

funded with 1560 euro by 68 backers

Primul an de publicitate by Petre Barbu in București, România

Povești din vremea când nimeni nu știa să facă publicitate în România, spuse de cei care au înființat primele agenții. Umane, dramatice, comice, surprinzătoare.

funded with 1300 euro by 28 backers

by Sno Nch in Bucuresti

funded with 1058 euro by 36 backers

by Elena Gorun in Bucureşti, România

funded with 880 euro by 31 backers

"Trambulina, bat-o vina!" - children book by Cutiuța cu povești in Bucuresti

A funny poem story that reveals a common day in the lives of not-so-common animals. It will make children, as well as adults laugh their heads off!

funded with 700 euro by 13 backers

Metropolis Comics by Neagu Laurentiu in Bucuresti

The first steampunk comics magazine in Romania.

Not financed

FEAR IS A LIE - the comic book by robert obert in Bucharest, Romania

The Dream Diggers' debut album from The Dream Diggers is completed by a comic that follows each piece, creating visual music.

funded with 445 euro by 25 backers

Born in Underground by George Mielus in Romania

The documentary includes over 50 Romanian bands from underground music. 500 books 25x25 cm will be printed.

Not financed

Les Aventures de Riki Franco-Roumain by Ana Maria Florea Harrison in Bucharest

Un livre sur un vrai petit chien, livre nominé en 2014 dans comme « Le meilleur livre pour les enfants en Roumanie » par le concours Gala bun de tipar.

Not financed

Lapsus-Short Comics Anthology by Dezarticulat Oficial in Bucharest

Lapsus is an anthology in which writers and illustrators transformed Romanian short stories into comics.

Not financed

by Tudor Mureșanu in Bucureşti, România

Not financed

One love divided by 2 = WE by Miss'A in România

The unique diary for lovers which is designed to be filled together.

Not financed

Aviatrices by Andra Negulescu in Romania

“Aviatrices”, a story inspired by the most famous sanitary squadron in World War II, the legendary “White Squadron”

Not financed

The Skies Tower - a different type of novel! by Sandra Coroian in Resita

Who said literature had it all? Try something new, something FRESH, the Thriller of your life!

Not financed

Turneu național de promovare a culturii române contemporane by chapter17j@yahoo.com in România

Turneu promovare a culturii române contemporane în 9 orașe: București, Brașov, Cluj, Constanța, Iași, Ploiești, Timișoara, Tg.Mureș, Suceava.

Not financed

The fragrance of hidden thoughts by Thomas R. Kinreed in România

A "key" that makes it possible to escape from everyday life in another world, where you can feel, discover and live with the characters.

Not financed

God of My World, I am even Me ?? !! by Daniel Gânguţ in Bacău

"God of My World, I am even Me ?? !! "- a novel by which I try to find out whether there can be a model of the Universe that will logically answer to everything

Not financed