Ended projects

Cartography - Implant Pentru Refuz by horvath octavian-nicolae in Romania

Implant Pentru Refuz are recording their seventh studio album: Cartography, an inquiry into new sonic and lyrical territories

funded with 7165 euro by 209 backers

Dear Summer School, please don't die! by Centrul pentru Studierea Modernitatii si a Lumii Rurale in Telciu, Bistrița-Năsăud

The Summer School brings to Telciu theoretical courses, educational art workshops for children and free theater plays and films. Help us keep the School alive!

funded with 6761 euro by 117 backers

Iordache's new Jazz Funk album "Garden Beast" by Mihai Iordache in Bucuresti, Romania

Iordache, a septet led by saxophonist Iordache, will record a Jazz Funk album, Garden Beast. It will be released on Iordache's own label, Fiver House Records

funded with 5095 euro by 112 backers

The Science Calendar 2017 by ASUR in Romania

The Science Calendar is an annual project, meant to promote and popularize the big and small scientific events and discoveries that changed our world.

funded with 3075 euro by 158 backers

JUG Magazine no.2 by LOOTforever in Bucharest, Romania

JUG is an independent lifestyle magazine made in Bucharest. We want to destroy the traditional way you make a magazine. Get our 2nd issue and help fund JUG!

funded with 2779 euro by 178 backers

Science Calendar 2016 by ASUR in România

The Science Calendar is an annual project, meant to popularize the small and the great scientific discoveries.

funded with 2740 euro by 205 backers

PROFEȚIA URBANĂ/ URBAN PROPHECY by robert obert in Bucharest

The Urban Prophecy is a graphic novel that tells a story about the overwhelming society we live in

funded with 2552 euro by 71 backers

Iordache's New Jazz Album Suita Titan (click CC for English) by Mihai Iordache in Bucharest

A sentimental archaeology of my childhood in Bucharest's Titan district, in the 70's - 80's, between the hippy movement's faint echos and Ceausescu's last years

funded with 2538 euro by 99 backers

Footpath of stories by Centrul de Ecologie și Turism Maramureș + WWF & AER in Pădurea Crăiască, Maramureș

Craiasca Forest is unyielding, with its 200 year old oaks and birds singing ceaselessly. But oblivion is quite a challenge. Through stories, we hope to make up.

funded with 2459 euro by 93 backers

The Film Warehouse by Asociația pentru Promovarea Filmului Românesc in Cluj-Napoca

The Film Warehouse in Cluj-Napoca can become the first museum of Romanian cinema. Save the Big Screen makes the first step towards this.

funded with 2328 euro by 66 backers

CADOUL - scurt metraj by Marian Crisan in Bucuresti, Romania

Scurmetrajul spune povestea lui Victor, un adolescent de 14 ani, care primeste cadou de Craciun un binoclu.

funded with 2285 euro by 22 backers

Dirty Shirt & The National Folk Ensemble Transylvania by Mihai DirtyShirt in Romania

FolkCore DeTour = Romanian tour with Dirty Shirt and the National Folk Ensemble Transylvania + live album .

funded with 2249 euro by 84 backers

"Cosmos" de Carl Sagan by ASUR in Romania

ASUR si-a propus sa lanseze in premiera, in limba romana, cartea "Cosmos", cea mai populara opera a scriitorului Carl Sagan. Sustine si tu acest proiect!

funded with 2160 euro by 89 backers

Calc Cămăși || Home-made ironing by Oana Korda in București, România

Traditional ironing service made in a personal and classical way. Available in Bucharest, with personal pick-up or delivery upon request.

funded with 2145 euro by 48 backers

Dirty Shirt - New Album (2019) by Mihai DirtyShirt in World

Crowdfunding to support Dirty Shirt new album

funded with 2111 euro by 62 backers

Noua povesti muzicale by Fundatia Calea Victoriei in Bucuresti

"Noua povesti muzicale" este o carte vie si savuroasa, scrisa de dirijorul Tiberiu Soare. Cartea prezinta marii compozitori intr-un stil relaxat si inteligent.

funded with 2097 euro by 58 backers

Abația (The Abbey) - comic magazine by Manuel Enache in Romania

Abația is a comic magazine inspired by the best Romanian science fiction novel called “Abația” (The Abbey)

funded with 2073 euro by 106 backers

Dare to Rug by Andreea Maria Batros in Bucharest

First Romanian brand that creates 100% wool hand-tufted rugs with reinterpreted Romanian traditional patterns.

funded with 2035 euro by 39 backers

The Science Calendar 2015 by ASUR in Romania

The Science Calendar is an annual project with national coverage, whose goal is popularizing science in Romania.

funded with 2015 euro by 108 backers

The Age of Reason - Thomas Paine by ASUR in Romania

We want to publish in Romanian the world-famous book, ”The Age of Reason”, by Thomas Paine.

funded with 1560 euro by 68 backers

Il ducem pe Tibi la Cannes by Dragan Cristi in Bucuresti

Sustine cea mai tanara echipa de romani a carui film a ajuns la Cannes.

funded with 1449 euro by 30 backers

Primul an de publicitate by Petre Barbu in București, România

Povești din vremea când nimeni nu știa să facă publicitate în România, spuse de cei care au înființat primele agenții. Umane, dramatice, comice, surprinzătoare.

funded with 1300 euro by 28 backers

Iubitafizica (ed. Love physics) by Lightwave Theatre Company in Godot Cafe-Teatru, Bucuresti

Step into the iubitafizica (ed. love physics) laboratory, a surreal space full of hopes, fears and desires in a performance with life-sized puppets.

funded with 1262 euro by 56 backers

În spatele cortinei de fier. Studiu de caz: România by Ana Teodorescu in Bucuresti, Romania

România 1944-1951. Ce a putut determina transformarea totală a unei societăţi?

funded with 1244 euro by 33 backers

Proiectul Tivodar - primul album by Tivodar Stefan in Bucuresti

Echipa muzicala tanara, entuziasta, cauta prieteni sustinatori spre producerea, impreuna, a primului album de studio.

funded with 1141 euro by 32 backers

Soup Loop by Olivia Zahalca in Bucharest

A soup bar of gastronomic experiences. Two busy hands and a passionate heart. Natural fruits and vegetables. Shooters of health. For active and brightful people

funded with 1119 euro by 33 backers

Saint Patrick and Friends by Irish Way in Bucuresti, Romania

For St. Patrick’s Day 2014, Irish Way group is preparing an innovative show, based on the dialogue between traditional Irish Dance and other movement languages.

funded with 1115 euro by 38 backers

by Robert Balan in Bucuresti

funded with 1070 euro by 45 backers

by Sno Nch in Bucuresti

funded with 1058 euro by 36 backers

Calendarul Științific by ASUR in București

Calendarul Știintific este un proiect anual, național, din 2010, menit să răspândească informațiile despre descoperirile științifice care ne-au schimbat viața.

funded with 1005 euro by 58 backers

Satele părăsite din Transilvania by Alex Iacob in București

Primul documentar foto-video despre o zonă necunoscută a Transilvaniei.

funded with 972 euro by 57 backers

ZIC ZAC la Bursa Internațională de spectacole din Elveția by Andrea Gavriliu in București

„Zic Zac” este spectacolul generației noastre, întruchiparea entuziastă a plăcerii de a dansa, de comic amestecat cu autoironie. Bucuria dansului prin teatru!

Not financed

by Elena Gorun in Bucureşti, România

funded with 880 euro by 31 backers

With top hat and cane around Bucharest by arcen in București

Cultural journeys in Bucharest. Soon online and on your phone. For happier (and more informed) strollers!

funded with 827 euro by 71 backers

"Trambulina, bat-o vina!" - children book by Cutiuța cu povești in Bucuresti

A funny poem story that reveals a common day in the lives of not-so-common animals. It will make children, as well as adults laugh their heads off!

funded with 700 euro by 13 backers

Artemium - A bell in the night by Artemium in Brașov, Romania

Artemium is an educational and experimental independent artistic initiative, a free cultural center for people through Eurythmy, Music and Poetry.

Not financed

Metropolis Comics by Neagu Laurentiu in Bucuresti

The first steampunk comics magazine in Romania.

Not financed

Vanatoarea de comori arhitecturale si urbane Viajoa-nr. 4 by Ioana Patrascoiu in Bucuresti, Romania

Ferestre cu incornorati care se uita ironic la tine, garduri ciudate, arcade, ghiulele in varf de acoperis, graffiti. Descopera Bucurestiul pe bucatele.

funded with 515 euro by 37 backers

A Taste of Marin. Village Festival | 20-22 july 2018 by Patricia in Marin, Salaj

Cultural event created by a small community from a Romanian village

funded with 495 euro by 9 backers

Support Romanian music - a performing rehearsal hall by Zoltan Rapolti-Marzell in Brasov

Through this project we will provide an optimum place for rehearsals, musical instruments, sound quality and artists' promotion.

Not financed

FEAR IS A LIE - the comic book by robert obert in Bucharest, Romania

The Dream Diggers' debut album from The Dream Diggers is completed by a comic that follows each piece, creating visual music.

funded with 445 euro by 25 backers

Hubcelerator - Kidult Programe by Ioana Ceausu in Bucuresti, Romania

We support your efforts to build a great start in life for your kid! Kidult develops skills & behaviours for the 21st century.

Not financed

Born in Underground by George Mielus in Romania

The documentary includes over 50 Romanian bands from underground music. 500 books 25x25 cm will be printed.

Not financed

InnerSound - International New Arts Festival by Asociatia Opus in Bucharest, Romania

The International New Arts Festival InnerSound combines a new perspective on contemporary and classical music with visual arts.

funded with 400 euro by 23 backers

CEVA DE VARĂ – something of summer by Asociatia Mirakolix in Întorsura Buzăului, România

Ceva de Vară is a festival organized by community for community. This year it will happen already for the second time. Support a big event for a small place.

funded with 378 euro by 13 backers

Sufletul Neamului (Folk's Soul) - GOD The Barbarian Horde by Eugen 'Moskon' Lăpușneanu in Iași, Romania

"Sufletul Neamului", a brand new GOD album dedicated to the Romanian history and folklore, based on Moldavian Barbarian Metal and invoking the ancient land.

Not financed

Height Sense - Sound research for dance performance by Alexandra Girbea in Luxemburg, Romania

Height Sense is an artistic project in which choreographic research merges with the sound research to create a complex sensory performance.

funded with 314 euro by 13 backers

Savo Pavleska - A Look at Smart Designer Clothing by Irina Sava in Romania

Fashion designs practical and also elegant, made of comfortable fabrics which can be wearable for a long period. This is every woman’s dream.

Not financed

Intermediate National Contacts Meeting - Eastern Lab by Asociatia EASA Romania in Bucuresti, Romania

Intermediate National Contacts Meeting – Eastern Lab is an international architectural meeting, gathering up to 150 youth from all around Europe in Bucharest.

Not financed

by cristi voicu in Bucuresti

funded with 290 euro by 16 backers

Spectacol de teatru / Și veni bărbatul la femeie / comedie by Bogdan Budeș in Teatrul de Artă, București

O comedie acidulată, o farsă plină de replici strălucitoare, o privire amuzată asupra unui cuplu care vrea să o ia de la capăt. Cu Mihaela Sîrbu și Lucian Pavel

Not financed

The Challenge by Paul Calin in Romania + Spain

We challenge the comfort zone of our peers by proving to them that all is possible if you believe and you work your ass off!

Not financed

Center of Stroke Recovery by Centrul de Recuperare AVC in Bucuresti

Establishing the Center of Stroke Recovery

Not financed

Flug, peer to peer deliveries by Alexandru Samoila in București

Flug is evolving the way packages and letters are being sent across town.

Not financed

by Teatrul Portabil Timișoara in Timișoara

A manifest-production, created by a team made up by professionals, amateurs and juniors, with the common goal of turning this text into a civic attitude.

Not financed

Coffee Drive by Marius Durbac in Bucuresti

O cafea buna in fiecare zi. Indiferent ca pleci la munca dimineata, sau ca iesi in pauza de pranz, noi suntem acolo sa-ti oferim o cafea buna, proaspat prajita.

Not financed

Susţinem supereroii EXCEPTIONALI de mâine by Opportunity Weekend in Bucharest

Not financed

"Fylosofy" jazz album by Cristian Soleanu quartet by cristian soleanu in Bucharest

Finalisation of a new contemporary jazz album entitled "Fylosofy" of Cristian Soleanu and "Twin Thoughts".

Not financed

Documentary - WHEN THE GROUND TALKS by Viorel Costea in Bucuresti

A documentary about our ENTIhistory. The real one, with no “make-up”. More or less easy to accept. But, for sure, at least one step closer to the truth.

Not financed

Les Aventures de Riki Franco-Roumain by Ana Maria Florea Harrison in Bucharest

Un livre sur un vrai petit chien, livre nominé en 2014 dans comme « Le meilleur livre pour les enfants en Roumanie » par le concours Gala bun de tipar.

Not financed

Uleiosul by Marian Scafaru in Bucharest, Romania

The project Uleiosul is a collecting pilot project of residual cooking oil done by using a cargo bike.

Not financed

Apomat by Radu Irimie in Bucharest

Instalam tonomate care filtreaza apa municipala aproape de tine pentru ca tu sa te bucuri de o apa proaspata la un pret foarte mic.

Not financed

Lapsus-Short Comics Anthology by Dezarticulat Oficial in Bucharest

Lapsus is an anthology in which writers and illustrators transformed Romanian short stories into comics.

Not financed

ART HUB. Spațiu de lucru, debut, experiment, schimb cultural by Nona Șerbănescu in București, România

Asociația pentru Promovarea Artelor Contemporane vrea să dezvolte ART HUB, un spațiu multifuncțional menit să răspundă mai multor provocări.

Not financed

BALTA ALBA - documentar by Silviu Munteanu in Bucuresti, Romania

Documentarul Balta Alba prezinta muzica si povestile muzicienilor din cartierul bucurestean desfasurate in peste 3 decenii.

Not financed

archipelago on Dâmbovița - education for our city's future by urboteca in București, pe Dâmbovița

realizăm un spațiu public plutitor pentru a vorbi despre oraș, și scriem împreună ultimul capitol din manualul „Orașul: un manual de utilizare”

Not financed

NAVI - The Debut Album by NAVI si NMC in Romania

The singer-songwriter NAVI is looking for supporters to record her indie-pop debut album, "The Beauty Diaries".

Not financed

Colecția vestimentară primăvară / vară Work At Home Moms by Elena Gorun in România

Colecția vestimentară de primăvară/vară 2014 Work At Home Moms este aici. Dragele noastre, aveți de unde alege!

Not financed

Magia Baloanelor - Festival al baloanelor cu aer cald by Raluca Spinu in Razboieni, Iasi, 6-8 mai

Festivalul aduce pentru prima dată in Iasi un spectacol de culoare al baloanelor cu aer cald și promovează zborul cu balonul - atât liber, cat si ancorat.

Not financed

Gura Siriului Garden by Cranta Crina in Str. Gura Siriului, Bucuresti

Gura Siriului Garden is a small permaculture & art project located in Bucharest, Romania

Not financed

Delicious by Anita - Live the Taste by Alex Nazarie in Bucuresti

Delicious by Anita - One persone's passion for sweets and healthy living.

Not financed

by Tudor Mureșanu in Bucureşti, România

Not financed


Hi. I'm Taissia and I have something to say. Let's have this fine piece of music recorded and maybe even put on a video!

Not financed

Tonomat in Control Club by Octavian Viorel in București

Vrem să facem împreună prima petrecere din lume unde toți invitații sunt DJs. Au nevoie doar de telefoanele mobile si de puțin net să intre pe http://tonom.at

Not financed

BCC Design by Botaru Cosmin Constantin in Brasov

Wall clocks and custom products made with laser engraving and cutting. We reuse old vinyl records for anything and we also help the environment along with it.

Not financed

Pastila Roz: Help us get framed by Pastila Roz in Timişoara, Calpe Gallery

Pastila Roz este o grupare formată din 2 artiști și un curator, ce se aproprie de debutul lor. Această campanie este pentru a înrăma lucrările pentru expoziție.

Not financed

One love divided by 2 = WE by Miss'A in România

The unique diary for lovers which is designed to be filled together.

Not financed

EBienale 2013 by Ilina Schileru in Sala mare a Palatului, Ateneul Roman

'EBienale' este bienala internațională de artă contemporană a Festivalului Internațional George Enescu.

Not financed

Williams Galleries - house of artists by Galeriile Williams in București, Romania

An interactive networking platform for young artists and a free exhibition space in Bucharest that supports contemporary art in all its means of expression.

Not financed

Audio Libraria by Alexandru Vesa in București

A bookstore of audiobooks in Romanian, avaible on iOS and Android.

Not financed

Aviatrices by Andra Negulescu in Romania

“Aviatrices”, a story inspired by the most famous sanitary squadron in World War II, the legendary “White Squadron”

Not financed

Edi Jak Neumann Quartet Romanian Tour DVD by Jak Neumann in Sibiu, Bucuresti, Tulcea

Recording a DVD with the music of Edi Jak Neumann Quartet. A unique musical experience with a truly creative collective.

Not financed

Cool Cooking by Mira Catalina in București

Cool Cooking is the adventure of some junior chefs that will invent amazing recipes using their character's super powers. Help us to publish their story!

Not financed

Dă culoare școlii tale! (Give color to your school!) by Asociația Komunitas in București, Cluj, Ilfov, Mureș, Teleorman

About education, creativity and direct involvement of the pupils in tranforming their learning environment through colors and lessons about mutual respect

Not financed

"Vin' la Teatru" theatre festival, Junior section by Diana Mereoiu in Focşani

Fairy-tales don't go on holiday in June! “Vin’ la Teatru”Junior wants to bring to life the stories of your children through four theater plays. Support them!

Not financed

Free Academy by Pavilion in Pavilion - Bucharest

Free Academy wishes to be an informational platform, an informal alternative to the Romanian educational system (unsatisfying)

Not financed

Festivalul International de Film Ploiesti-PIFF by Asociatia Europerspective in Ploiesti, Romania

Festivalul de Film Victoria - combinat montan pentru exploratori urbani.

Not financed

Concursul International de Dirijat Jeunesses Musicales by ELITE ART Club UNESCO in Bucuresti, Romania

A patra editie a Jeunesses Musicales aduce 62 de tineri dirijori din intreaga lume la Ateneul Roman, cea mai importantă scenă muzicală din ţară.

Not financed

ASET Crew for ESDU World Dance Masters by Bogdan Sirbu in București

Hard work, many hours of training, a lot of dedication ... these things define a champion! We have checked everything and now we can become champions!

Not financed


Ne dorim să insuflăm şi altora iubirea noastră pentru muzică prin facilitarea accesului la cultură, promovarea educaţiei culturale, lucrări în primă audiţie.

Not financed

The Skies Tower - a different type of novel! by Sandra Coroian in Resita

Who said literature had it all? Try something new, something FRESH, the Thriller of your life!

Not financed

PlicPrint - Your Photos printed and Delivered by Edmond Varga in Satu Mare

The most simple way to print your Photographs where ever you are. Create prints, Magnets, Canvases or Photo books, directly from your phone.

Not financed

First Album FunCuBello feat. Decebal Bădilă by Ovidiu Florian Andris in Timișoara/Hamburg/Frankfurt

FunCuBello wants to bring modern jazz music closer to the audience through the beauty of rhythms, melodies and the uniqueness of this album.

Not financed

by Casmirovici Robert in Bucureşti, România

Not financed

The fragrance of hidden thoughts by Thomas R. Kinreed in România

A "key" that makes it possible to escape from everyday life in another world, where you can feel, discover and live with the characters.

Not financed

Hoia-Baciu Forest by Paul Dadrian in Romania

One of the scariest places on Earth.

Not financed

Turneu național de promovare a culturii române contemporane by chapter17j@yahoo.com in România

Turneu promovare a culturii române contemporane în 9 orașe: București, Brașov, Cluj, Constanța, Iași, Ploiești, Timișoara, Tg.Mureș, Suceava.

Not financed

Systems for energy storage by Barsan Alexandru Mihail in Bucuresti

This project is based on batteries research for accessible energy storage.

Not financed

God of My World, I am even Me ?? !! by Daniel Gânguţ in Bacău

"God of My World, I am even Me ?? !! "- a novel by which I try to find out whether there can be a model of the Universe that will logically answer to everything

Not financed

Online booking platform for restaurants in Romania by Alina Budai in Romania

In a world of technology, it is very important to have also in Romania the possibility to book online your preferred restaurant 24/7.

Not financed

StudentFest by Luțescu Loredana in Timisoara

Art and Culture Festival that launches since '92 young artists from various artistic fields.

Not financed

30 years from the Romanian Revolution- A Theater Show by Madalina Sandu in Teatrul Unteatru, Bucuresti

Theater Show. Communist Regime - Pitești Experiment, Communist political prisons in Romania, Liberty in the 21st century.

Not financed

Help me Grow My YouTube Channel by Brinza Valeria in Bucuresti

|EN: I'm an musician/artist looking to grow my YouTube channel.

Not financed